1. Will I receive confirmation after submitting my application?
    Yes, you will receive an email from jobs@conexus.ca confirming your application was received.  If you do not receive that email, please contact jobs@conexus.ca.
  2. How long will Conexus keep my application on file?
    Conexus will keep your resume on file for six months. If your skills align with any positions which come available within that six months, we will contact you. If you see a career opportunity you feel you have the right skills for, please feel free to submit your application at any time.
  3. Can I update information on my application if I have already submitted it?
    Yes, you can go in at any time and update any of the information in your presence.
  4. What are some of the benefits at Conexus?
    Conexus offers a comprehensive benefits package. Some of the highlights of the benefits include dental, health, vision and life insurance. Conexus also offers a pension plan matched at 7%. Our Wellness Program encourages our staff and sales professionals to incorporate physical activity into their daily routine. We are proud to offer an employee Rewards and Recognition Program. It supports and encourages regular and timely recognition. Conexus also supports a work/life balance and has implemented specific policies with this in mind. Our commitment to lifelong learning encourages employees to achieve their educational and professional aspirations.
  5. Does Conexus consider Cooperative work placements?
    We actively recruit and support educational institutions through summer, trainee and cooperative programs.
  6. Does Conexus participate in high school student work placements?
    We work closely with many schools in our communities and where possible, support work placements.