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One of Conexus’ longest partnerships is with the Saskatchewan Co-operative Association and their youth program, Co-op Camp.  The camp has been running for over 90 years, so you know they must be doing something right.  Kids from all over the province get to experience self-growth through a variety of activities where they learn leadership and entrepreneurship at camp. 

Conexus gives kids the chance to go to camp every year, but we also give our staff the chance to go to camp too, as camp counselors!.  Each year staff jump at the chance to be part of this program.  Now, you might be thinking they just want to get out of work, right? Think about it, 5 days - 24 hours of hands on interaction with a group of teenagers, it’s a lot of work, but a lot of fun!  Natasha Chau, Conexus camp counsellor, confirms - it’s both. 

For those of you who never went to Co-op Camp…
For those of you who did and want to reminisce…
For those of you who are maybe thinking about attending as a counsellor or a camper…
This is for you, Natasha, our very own, shares her experience as a former camper and now counsellor.  

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Co-op Camp has helped me become the man that I am. It gave me tools to succeed both personally and professionally. I have so much to thank this program for and I am so happy to be able to give back to help kids have the experience that I had. It is incredible to see the difference in the participants from the day we pick them up, to the day we drop them off. I encourage everyone to be their best self and give back in any way possible, like me and the rest of the volunteers at Co-op Camp do. It’s programs like SCYP that make this world a better place and I am honored to be a part of it. Thank you for making a difference Co-op Camp!!

Isaac Woitas, Coop Camp Coordinator 2017

Co-op Camp is unlike any other youth program that I have ever encountered. As a past participant, I remember attending this camp all by myself. I was terrified, as many participants are, but as soon as we got on the bus in Saskatoon, I felt right at home. This program is structured for youth success. The Free Zone, or our camp society rules, promote individuality, respect, communication and the opportunity for youth to discover new things about themselves. On top of that, the staff does an amazing job to get to know all participants, help them mingle and provide support as participants step out of their comfort zone. Growing up, this program helped me realize that I have a voice and that my thoughts and opinions do matter. I was lucky enough to have developed some of my strongest friendships from my time with the program. Without a doubt, Co-op Camp has helped me develop into the strong, confident and outgoing person that I am today.

Jenna deBoth, Program Assistant Coop Camp 2017

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Dear Conexus Credit Union,

We wanted to thank you for supporting Atreyu to attend Coop camp. He had the most wonderful time. Indeed before he even said hello, when we picked him up from camp, he asked if he could go back next year. He loved every minute.  For two days solid he talked about nothing but Coop Camp, and how everyone got to be friends, everyone was included, and how hard staff worked to make sure that happened. We think we must have lived every moment of his experience with his stories and joy.

Attached please find an image by Gary Robins, of picking Atreyu up. All the staff surrounded him to say goodbye, and then when the photo opportunity was suggested, one grabbed him (he’s the one in front) and they all joined in.

Conexus is doing something wonderful by supporting this camp and children’s opportunity to learn about cooperatives and working cooperatively!

Thank you.

Lisa Brownstone   Gary Robins  Atreyu Zevallos

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