Organization & Event Sponsorship

Working alongside other community organizations enables us to deliver our purpose of improving the financial well-being of our members and our communities.  We take pride in contributing to and participating in local events and initiatives that bring people together to support causes that make our communities strong and vibrant.


To successfully receive sponsorship funding, your application should include all of the below aspects:

  • Alignment to Conexus values and purpose
  • Provide measurable marketing and brand awareness
  • Opportunity to provide Conexus volunteers (either virtually and/or in-person)
  • Opportunity for Conexus Brand Ambassadors to interact with attendees
  • Benefit the province of Saskatchewan, a community within Saskatchewan or provide economic impact to the community
  • Accessible to everyone in the community
  • Applicant must be a Saskatchewan organization and/or the sponsored event must take place in Saskatchewan
  • Applicant must apply online using the link below
  • Only one application per year from a single organization will be considered
Associations/Groups who may apply:

  • Non-profit and charitable organizations
  • Boards of Trade or Chambers of Commerce
  • Business, industry or member-based associations
  • Philanthropic and service clubs such as Rotary Clubs and Lions Clubs
  • Trade associations, advocacy organizations and professional organizations
Events we may see apply:

  • Fundraising events
  • Conferences, forums, trade shows, conventions, seminars
  • Festivals, galas


While we would love to support all requests, we do have sponsorship limitations. Please note that we typically do not consider requests for:

  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion or lifestyle
  • Individual pursuits
  • Public or private educational institutions/schools, pre-kindergartens or pre-schools
  • Student or alumni associations
  • Sports, club or recreational teams with the exception of elite level teams
  • Private events and tournaments
  • Telethon/radiothons
  • Event ticket sales or lotteries
  • Animal-related initiatives
  • Travel, accommodations, meal expenses, field trips, tours
  • Contingency funds or deficit funding
  • Advertising requests
  • Capital project funding
  • Operating costs
  • Membership, competition, or private club fees
  • Political parties, advocacy or public interest groups
If your request is not a fit for funding through the Event & Organization Sponsorship Program it may still qualify for funding under our Community Investment Program. Learn more here!

Application Deadlines and Process

  • All funding requests must be submitted through our easy-to-follow online application form. No email, phone or paper submissions will be accepted. 
  • Applications are open and decisioned year-round. You will be contacted directly with the result and next steps. Rest assured; we will respond to all applications either way. 
  • Applications must be submitted a minimum of 90 days before the start of the event or initiative.

Ready to Apply?

If you are confident your request meets the criteria above, we welcome your application!

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