Your voice matters

At this year’s annual general meeting, the board is asking members to vote on some important bylaw amendments that will improve our election process, making it more consistent and inclusive.

Removing Districts

The most significant proposal is to remove our district structure. This will allow all eligible members to participate in the electoral process every year (as candidates or voters) regardless of where you live. Under our current structure, members can only run for the board or vote when there’s an opening in their district.  

Other benefits of the proposed changes include:

  • It will standardize our election process across the province. No more wondering if it’s your year to vote.
  • It recognizes that more than 12,000 members live outside our current district boundaries.
  • Voter turnout is expected to increase with less confusion about who votes when.  
  • It allows members to vote and influence the composition of the entire board rather than just the directors from their district.
It will be easier to attract qualified candidates from all over the province. In some instances, we have come close to having no one put their name forward in some districts but attract several candidates in others.

Other amendments

Other proposed changes to the bylaws include:

  • increasing quorum (the minimum number of members that must be present at member meetings to make the proceedings valid) to 25 from 15  
  • clarifying term limits and increasing transparency about the requirement for directors to hold a fidelity bond
  • allowing additional time for voting if we believe it’s needed to allow members to vote on significant changes
  • allowing you to vote for up to the number of candidates you want to support, rather than requiring you to vote for the actual number of openings
Recommending candidates

We know that some of you avoid voting because you don’t know the candidates and aren’t sure who would be the best choice to guide Conexus into the future. To help you make an informed decision, our nominating committee will recommend candidates each year, starting in 2020. This approach is becoming more common in the credit union and co-op sector. It’s a way to help members understand the diverse combination of competencies, experience and other characteristics (including geographic representation) needed to run a credit union like Conexus.

How to Vote

The board will present its proposal at our AGM April 16 and all members (whether you attend the meeting or not) will have an opportunity to vote on the proposal until April 23 at 4:00 p.m. If approved, the changes will take effect for the 2020 director elections.


Individual members who are 16 years of age or older are eligible to vote. Eligible individual members vote securely and confidentially through mobile or online during the voting period.

Online instructions:
  • Log into online banking
  • Click on Bylaw Amendment Voting in the left hand navigation
  • Select "Yes" or "No", then click Next
  • Verify your selection and click on Submit
  • A message will display indicating your vote has been successfully cast
Mobile app instructions:
  • Click on the Vote Now button
  • Enter your login credentials
  • Select "Yes" or "No", then click Next
  • Verify your selection and click on Submit
  • A message will display indicating your vote has been successfully cast
In branch:

Voting is also available to members by visiting a branch location nearest to you.

Business members or entities

Business members can vote only by paper ballot in branch.

The authorized representative can vote by visiting their closest branch. Be sure to bring the Business Member Authorization form signed by an authorized signor(s) of the entity appointing you as the authorized representative to vote on behalf of the organization, prior to the deadline of 4:00 p.m. on April 22. Valid picture ID or two valid pieces of ID will be required to authenticate the representative.


if you have any questions or concerns, please send a message to