Call for Nominations

Last year members approved amendments to the bylaws resulting in a new ‘at large’ governance structure for 2020. Coinciding with the approval of revised bylaws, the Board also announced that, through its Nominations Committee, it will also be recommending candidates to our members for the 2020 director elections. There were several reasons shared with members last year for these governance changes. Here is a reminder of why:

  • The ‘At Large’ model is more inclusive and explainable to members;
  • All qualified members will now be able to run for the Board each year regardless of where they live;
  • All eligible members will be able to vote in the election each year, rather than periodically when there may have been an election in the area;
  • All eligible voting members will be able to influence the outcome of the whole Board, not only those who live in their district/area;
  • Conexus is experiencing significant transformation that is impacting every aspect of our business, including its governance structure;
  • Given the removal of districts approved by the membership last year, the recommendation process is an important step to ensure the Board achieves the diversity it wants, the competencies it requires to appropriately represent our entire membership, while also meeting the needs of overseeing a financial institution of Conexus’ size and significance.

Call for Nominations

The Call for Nominations are now closed.

Check back March 4 to meet our 2020 candidates.

Important Dates

  • January 13 - 24 – Call for Nominations period - Closed
  • January 24 - February 14 – Recommending candidates process lead by the Nominations Committee interview process
  • March 4 - 25 – Meet the Candidates period 
  • March 11 - 25 – Voting  period
  • April 7 – Annual General Meeting (Regina) – Announcement of new directors


Please contact Gina McGinn, Vice-President (Governance) at or 306.540.4200.