Bill Elliott

Bill Elliott
District 2 - Moose Jaw/Assiniboia
Moose Jaw, SK
CEO / Owner
Moose Jaw Physical Rehabilitation

Why you should vote for me:  

I feel that my business experience in varied fields such as insurance, high tech manufacturing, real estate, accounting/finance and health care will make for better decision making.  

I have been a Conexus Credit Union member for the past 25 years and have a great interest and passion for the services that are provided to members at large. I feel we need ownership and local representation to ensure members’ needs and voices are heard. We operate in a competitive financial environment against nationally owned financial institutions and we need to make intelligent, methodical choices to ensure financial prudence and longevity. I feel my education, skill set and business experience will help make critical business decisions to ensure that Conexus meets its financial and strategic goals.  

Key strategic opportunities for Conexus Credit Union in the next two to five years:

  1. To ensure we meet the needs of members when it comes to digital, online app-based banking. Strategic thinkers have expressed profound changes when it comes to digital banking and online banking. If the demands and needs are not met by Conexus to our members, we are at risk to lose them to other more business digital savvy financial businesses.  
  2. To recruit and retain highly skilled and educated employees that can provide services and products in an ever-changing business environment.  
  3. Provide innovative products and services that are convenient to our members as well as provide long term profitability to Conexus Credit Union.  
  4. Wealth Management -- Recent business logic suggests that significant profitability of financial firms is due to high earners and investment products and services. We must ensure we remain relevant when it comes to high earners and the “one stop shopping” business model.  

Key risks facing Conexus in the next two to five years:

  1. Conexus is operating in two dichotomies at present. We have more senior members who want the bricks and mortar, home town feel where they want a presence in the community while at the same time, the younger generation wants more of an “online presence.”
  2. Change of business environment due to significant changes due to commodity pricing for resources sector including potash, oil, uranium and agriculture. This impacts business and employees due to employment/business losses.
  3. Interest rate swings that significantly hurt our members for mortgages, business and consumer loans. If we don’t monitor this impact our loan delinquencies will increase.  
  4. Online financial institutions that are gaining traction and do not have the costs associated with bricks and mortar institutions such as Conexus. 

Education and professional designations:

  • Diploma in Business Administration, University of Regina
  • Certified Insurance Professional, Insurance Institute of Canada
  • CPA-CMA designation, Chartered Professional Accountants  
  • Tax 222, Advanced Tax, Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology

Board and community involvement:

  • Communtron Industries Ltd., vice-president
  • eHealth Saskatchewan, director, chair of Audit and Finance Committee  
  • Hillcrest Health, director, secretary treasurer
  • Hillcrest Landing Inc., director
  • Moose Jaw YMCA, board member
  • Moose Jaw and District Economic Development Committee, committee member