Bradyn Parisian

Bradyn Parisian
District 1 - Regina
Regina, SK

Why you should vote for me:   

I work extremely hard, and I am 100% committed to ensuring that Conexus prospers for another 80 years.  

I want to serve as a director of Conexus Credit Union for all the right reasons. Firstly, I want to give back to an organization that has enriched the lives of residents and built communities throughout Saskatchewan. Secondly I want to be a part of a company that is constantly besting itself – to create and deliver more value to its member-owner. Lastly, as an experienced Conexus board member, I want to rejoin my team and continue to help lead this organization through the many challenges and opportunities heading in our direction. Nobody wants this more than I do. I’m hungry for more and I’m not finished contributing. I want to help build a brighter future for Saskatchewan.  

Strategic opportunities for Conexus Credit Union in the next two to five years:

Financial services are undergoing a radical transformation, and with that comes enormous opportunities to leverage technology such as artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and virtual reality to deliver an enhanced member experience and next-level financial advice. Many of our traditional competitors have the financial wherewithal to deliver these things; however, Conexus’ core advantage lies in the trust we have earned over 80+ years of focusing on the collective best interests of our member-owners.  

Another major opportunity for non-interest revenue generation exists in data, specifically payments data and analytics. There will continue to be significant opportunities to increase share-of-wallet in wealth management services (precipitated by general distrust with large banks), and small business lending and support services. The business incubator and supporting venture capital fund present a tremendous opportunity to literally author the future of commerce in Saskatchewan.  

Key risks facing Conexus Credit Union in the next two to five years:

The key risk that I see is cybersecurity. We are entrusted with safeguarding billions of dollars of our member-owners’ money, with ever-increasing numbers of transactions taking place under our watch each and every year. With finite corporate resources to defend against cyber-attacks (rising in both number and severity), and a growing number of vulnerability/penetration points due to increased use of connected devices (e.g. proliferation of the Internet of Things) – a significant breach could quickly become reality for unprepared financial institutions. We must continue to be vigilant and adequately fund cybersecurity measures on behalf of our Conexus members.  

The second key risk that I see is the proliferation of non-traditional competitors (e.g. FinTech) that will try to erode Conexus’ competitive position in various service offerings. As a proven innovator, we must continue to invest in disruptive technologies that allow our credit union to deliver advanced solutions for members. 


Education and professional designations:

  • ICD.D designation – Institute of Corporate Directors  
  • Master of Business Administration, University of Regina
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance), University of Regina
  • Disney’s Approach to Business Excellence, Disney Institute
  • Directors Education Program, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Professional Certificate, Stanford University
  • CCD designation, CUES Governance Leadership Institute

Board and community involvement:

  • Conexus Credit Union, vice-chair, past chair, various committees
  • Black Lake Ventures LP, director
  • Hill School of Business and First Nations University of Canada, sessional instructor
  • Rawlinson Executive-in-Residence, Faculty of Business, University of Regina  
  • Gabriel Housing Corporation, director
  • Ranch Ehrlo Society, outdoor hockey league coach
  • Mother Theresa Middle School, student mentor
  • MasterCard 100th Memorial Cup, volunteer