Conrad Schmeling

Conrad Schmeling
District 1 - Regina
Calgary, AB

Upstream IT Programme Manager
Shell Canada Ltd.

Why you should vote for me:

I’m passionate about Conexus Credit Union and can directly use my IT and digital transformation experience to effectively steer technological strategy.  

I want to serve as a Saskatchewan-raised transplant. I’ve been in Calgary for the last 14 years and have proudly retained my bank accounts with Conexus. Not only because they are a link to home, but also because they continue to be a tremendous value. I want to apply for the board (and serve) because I want to see Conexus thrive, and I can offer the perspective of someone who banks a good distance from any branch.  

Key strategic opportunities for Conexus Credit Union in the next two to five years:

I see opportunities primarily around an increased online presence. Some examples would be:

  • creating money orders, or transferring sums over an Interac threshold
  • chat windows for regular requests
  • easier transfers to and from family out of province/country
I would like to see Conexus be able to offer similar services to those who live up in northern Saskatchewan, as they do to those that have a branch next door.  

Key risks facing Conexus Credit Union in the next two to five years:

Information security is a persistent, and a very real threat. Conexus will need to balance the increasing demand for some online services with that increased exposure to the world. Privacy guidelines continue to get more restrictive, as well as governmental requirements for access to information. Again, this is a double-edged sword that Conexus will have to wield with the best interest of its members as a guide.


Education and professional designations:

  • Project Management Professional designation
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, University of Regina

Board and community involvement:

  • No previous board experience