David Sutherland

David Sutherland
District 1 - Regina
Regina, SK
Solution Architect

Why you should vote for me:   

I want to help Conexus and its members thrive through the revolutionary and exciting changes that are currently taking place in the financial services industry in Canada.  

I believe that the financial system is going through a revolutionary period of change and that the credit union system will need to adapt to the extraordinary challenges and risks that fintechs, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity and cryptocurrencies present. I want to help Conexus in the capacity as a technologist in the financial services industry to successfully navigate these changes.  

Key strategic opportunities for Conexus Credit Union in the next two to five years:

The ability to make information technology systems more secure, efficient, intelligent and adaptable should be the key priorities for Conexus as it seeks to survive and grow through disruptive transformations that are taking place in the Canadian financial system.  

Key risks facing Conexus Credit Union in the next two to five years:

I don’t believe that the current state of cryptocurrency technology represents an existential risk to Conexus or the Canadian financial system. I do believe though, that an extraordinarily efficient and intelligent financial institution that can innovate and expand rapidly could become the dominant force in the Canadian financial system. By being among the first financial institutions to successfully adapt to the changing financial environment in Canada, I believe that Conexus will be prepared to meet these challenges and be an even stronger financial institution.


Education and professional designations:

  • Various Microsoft Certifications
  • ACS, Life Insurance, Life Management Institute
  • Chartered Financial Planner, Canadian Institute of Financial Planning
  • Bachelor of Science (Actuarial Science), University of Calgary
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Systems Analysis), University of Calgary

Board and community involvement:  

  • Saskatchewan Squash
  • Saskatchewan Tennis