Jim Engel

Jim Engel
District 1 - Regina
Regina, SK

Vice-President Corporate Services and Gaming Operations
Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority

Why you should vote for me:   

As a lifetime member of Conexus, I offer an unwavering commitment to the organization and its principles and would be privileged to share my talents in a leadership role.  

Conexus has been my primary financial institution since childhood (starting with Sherwood Credit Union). My first savings account and, into adulthood, our savings and retirement investments, the loan for our first new car and other vehicles, the mortgage for our house, and almost all of our non-pension retirement savings are with/through Conexus and Thrive Wealth. I remember state of the art innovations like the first ATMs in Canada. I’ve always been proud to be a committed member of Conexus and have reached the stage of life and career where I would like to give back to an organization in a leadership capacity that has been such a substantial part of my life.  

Key strategic opportunities for Conexus Credit Union in the next two to five years:

  • build wealth literacy and wealth management capacity for members  
  • increase the number of members and the percentage of market penetration  
  • fill the gap created by national chartered banks as they continue to consolidate operations and vacate community markets
  • continue to leverage partnerships with other credit unions, both bilaterally and through SaskCentral to better serve members’ needs  
Key risks facing Conexus Credit Union in the next two to five years:

  • failure to “keep up” with evolving technology and member expectations
  • maintaining security and safeguarding member/organization assets in an environment of increasingly aggressive and complex hostile electronic threats and technologies  
  • maintaining member commitment to the organization in the face of low-cost, low-infrastructure international banking options that operate within a significantly less regulated environment than the Canadian banking sector

Education and professional designations:

  • Master of Arts, University of Regina,
  • Bachelor of Arts with Honours, University of Regina

Board and community involvement:

  • Saskatchewan Public Employees’ Pension Fund, board member
  • Responsible Gambling Council of Canada, board member, member of CEO Compensation Committee, and Governance and Nominations Committee
  • Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC), Finance Committee member
  • Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC), SK Regional Group, past president
  • Government of Saskatchewan United Way campaign chair
  • Assistant Deputy Minister Forum Executive Steering Committee, founding member and former chair  
  • Public Service Commission employee mentorship program, mentor   
  • Deputy Ministers’ Corporate Culture Committee, former member  
  • Canadian Partnership for Responsible Gambling, founding member and former co-chair  
  • Interprovincial Lottery Corporation Responsible Gambling Committee, founding member