Contact the board

Conexus members can write to the board as a whole or any board member.

Letters and emails addressed to the board, or any of its members, are reviewed by the Governance Office to determine if a board response is required. While the board oversees management, it does not participate in the day-to-day operations of Conexus and is not normally in the best position to respond to inquiries on those matters. Those inquiries will be directed to the appropriate person within Conexus for a response. The board has instructed the Governance Office to review all correspondence and, at its discretion, not forward items if they are:

  •     Not relevant to Conexus' operations policies and philosophies
  •     Commercial in nature, or
  •     Not appropriate for consideration by the board
All inquiries will receive a response from either the Governance Office, management, or the board. The Governance Office maintains a log of all correspondence sent to board members. Directors may review the log at any time and request copies of any correspondence received.

Mail: Attention: Corporate Secretary
         Conexus Credit Union
         PO Box 1960 Stn. Main
         Regina, SK S4P 4M1