Member Benefits

No-Fee Account

If you are a Conexus Credit Union member, you can take advantage of our No-Fee account. This chequing account is for members only and offers unlimited transactions each month with no monthly service charges.

Visit our No-Fee Account page for more information.

Member Equity Program

In 2013, the Conexus Board of Directors approved a no-fee account for members called FreeStyle. This account provides significant ongoing financial benefits to members of the credit union and is the primary alternative for the distribution of excess earnings back to members. As a result, a patronage allocation was not declared for the 2015 fiscal year under the Member Equity Program. Accordingly, should earnings warrant it, the board of directors could decide in any given year to declare an allocation.

If you have a member equity account with Conexus, the following information will help you understand the redemption guidelines:

  • Age 60 - The month you turn 60, the balance in your non-redeemable equity account will be transferred to a redeemable equity account, which you then may withdraw at any time
  • Business Distribution Payment - The Conexus Board of Directors decides annually on the business distribution payment. The business distribution payment for 2016 takes place on May 10 where 10% of the existing balance of eligible non-redeemable equity accounts with a balance of more than $100 is allocated into a redeemable equity account. If the business equity account has a balance of $100 or less, the entire balance is allocated to a redeemable equity account.