Referral Program

Referral card


Come in to any Conexus branch and pick some Member Referral cards.


Print your full name on the back of your new cards and start giving them away to your friends and family.


Tell your friends and family about the $100.00 bonus they could earn when they become a Conexus member/owner!


Watch your bank account grow by $50.00 every time someone brings in one of your referral cards.

Have more questions? Check out the below frequently asked questions or give us a call at 1.800.667.7477.

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  • What are the incentives of this program?
    If an existing member makes a referral and the potential new member opens a member share and an account, both the existing and new member receive $50.00 each. When the new member opens their new account they have the opportunity to earn $25.00 for setting up their first pre-authorized credit AND another $25.00 for setting up their first pre-authorized debit.
  • How can I get more cards?
    Head into your local Conexus Credit Union branch and ask any associate that is working for more Member Referral Cards.
  • Do cards expire?
    Your member referral cards do not expire as long as the program is still in effect. Conexus reserves the right to alter or discontinue the program without notice.
  • What if I did not get a card, do I still get an incentive?
    If you are a new member but do not have a Member Referral Card, let your Advisor know that you are aware of the program and would like the incentive. We are here to help you!
  • Is there an age restriction of the people I’m referring?
    There is no age restriction for the Member Referral Program.
  • Can I refer my spouse or children?
    Please do!
  • What if I forgot to write my name on the back of the card?
    If your name is not identified on the back of the referral card then unfortunately you will not receive the reward. Your name is what identifies you from the other members who are referring; and is what helps us award you $50.00 into your account. However, the people you refer will still have the opportunity to earn the rewards.
  • I have more questions not listed here..
    Please give us a call at 1.800.667.7477

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