• One-time approval.
  • Revolving Credit.
  • Variable interest rate.
  • Access to loan funds by ATM, cheque, debit card, etc.

Perfect for...

…businesses that want a readily available source of credit that is there to use when you need it.

Line of credit

  • Minimum amount $500.
  • One-time approval.
  • Revolving credit.
  • Variable interest rates.
  • Access funds by ATM, cheque, debit card, etc.

Perfect for...

…avoiding the inconvenience and cost of dealing with temporary cash shortages (up to a predetermined limit).

Letter of credit

  • A Letter of Credit is issued on your behalf to another business confirming payment of goods or services. 
  • To make things easier, repayment options may vary depending on the type of loan.

Perfect for...

…businesses that need a letter of credit to confirm payment of goods or services.

Blanket QuickLoan

  • A Blanket Quick Loan can assist with frequent equipment purchases.
  • Can be setup ahead of time.
  • Can be re-used as It is paid down to purchase other equipment, so you’ll know how much credit you’ll have access to for the entire year.

Perfect for...

…businesses that need to make frequent equipment purchases through the year.