Bill Payments

Lead Bank and Telpay are electronic bill payment services that provide comprehensive bill processing, settlement, and reporting. They are perfect for businesses that issue invoices or remittances for payment from their customers or residents.

What is the value for my business?

Lead Bank

  • Payments and settlement are consolidated to your account
  • Provides you with online access to electronic bill payment reports
  • It will simplify your receivables
  • You have the option of file transmission which will eliminate manual data entry
  • Reduces your administrative costs


  • No fee to be setup as a Conexus bill payee
  • More cost effective option for smaller number of bill payments
  • Ability to be referred for setup as a bill payment vendor at other financial institutions
  • Payment reports sent daily by fax or email
Contact your Business Advisor or Member Contact Centre at 1-800-667-7477 to determine if Lead Bank or Telpay would suit your business.