Starting up
  1. Start with an idea

    All good businesses start with an original concept or idea.

  2. Look before you leap

    Before you take your idea to the next stage of development, it's crucial to analyze it from all possible angles, making sure you've thought of all possible scenarios.

  3. Prepare a plan

    The final step before launching into action is to create a thorough business plan. This plan should be a summary of what you want to achieve with your business.

Business Plans

This tool can help your business succeed by assisting you to analyze your business strategy, the market that you operate in, and your financial plan.

Either print out the business plan and fill it in by hand or take advantage of our interactive form and complete it online. If you’ve completed your plan by hand, either fax or drop it off at your nearest Conexus branch. One of our commercial account managers would be happy to review your business plan.