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April 9 - Conexus Online Banking not Vulnerable to Heartbleed bug risk

Your personal and banking information held by Conexus Credit Union is safe, secure and unaffected by the Heartbleed bug security risk. 

Conexus Credit Union’s Online Banking does not use Open SSL, the affected website technology. This means the Heartbleed bug does not and has not posed a threat to our Online Banking, public website or Mobile Services (web and apps) and that your personal and banking information held on any of these platforms is secure.

What is the Heartbleed bug?

The so-called Heartbleed bug takes advantage of a software defect in some system platforms that allows hackers to access web-encrypted sites and potentially users’ personal information, such as bank account numbers and passwords.

Conexus takes many precautions every day to protect the online banking environment and ensure your information is safe. Our online services offer you the best security currently available in a commercial environment so that your personal and financial information is protected. We routinely review our banking environment to make sure this continues to be the case and have heightened our efforts due to the increased security threat posed by Heartbleed.

March 26 - Saskatchewan Credit Union Tax Outcome

The fair tax provision for credit unions will remain in place thanks to credit union members and the level of support we received through postcards, letters and petition names forwarded to the government of Saskatchewan. Our voices have been heard and the government agrees that credit unions add more value to Saskatchewan communities than would be realized through increased income tax.

A letter of thanks goes out to all Saskatchewan credit union members.


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