Line of Credit

Finance your future

A Line of Credit is one of the easiest and most reliable ways for you to avoid the inconvenience and cost of dealing with temporary cash shortages (up to a predetermined limit1) and you only pay for protection when you use your Line of Credit.


  • Minimum amount $500
  • One time approval
  • Revolving credit2
  • Variable interest rates3
  • Access funds by ATM, cheque, debit card, etc.

Payment Information

  • Deposits to your account are applied to advanced amounts first
  • An NSF deposit is treated as non-payment and interest continues to accrue on advanced amounts
  • Interest is payable monthly at month end

Additional Information

  • An application fee may apply
  • Cost of credit and any fees will be disclosed at time of approval
  • If items that exceed your limit are allowed to be processed to your account, additional overdraft fees and interest will apply4
  1. If approved for a Line of Credit, you may borrow up to the credit limit set by Conexus. The Line of Credit interest rate is determined at the time of application.
  2. Account operation must be satisfactory for continuing credit. Conexus reserves the right to terminate the Line of Credit at any time with notice.
  3. A variable rate will change when the prime rate changes.
  4. A $5 fee is charged for each overdraft item and overdraft interest is charged at a rate of 21% per year (rate may vary from time to time). The decision to allow overdraft items is at Conexus’ sole discretion.