Mortgages to suit you.

What better way to invest in your future
than owning your own home.

It’s a dream come true.


Fixed-Rate Closed

If you are looking to budget with certainty, a Fixed-Rate Closed mortgage is for you.

Fixed-Rate Open

If you want the security of a fixed rate and the flexibility to pay off any or all of the mortgage without penalty.

HeadStart on a Home Program

Purchasers of HeadStart homes can benefit from down payment assistance through Conexus Credit Union.

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Are you building your own home on land you own, a Self-Builder mortgage may help those dreams come true!

Variable-Rate Closed

Do you believe rates will decline and you want to save on interest costs, a Variable-Rate Closed mortgage is your solution.

Helpful Tools and Advice

Learn how much you need for a down payment or determine what type of mortgage you should consider.