Types of Mortgages

What's the best mortgage for me?

What better way to invest in your future than owning your own home. It’s a dream come true. At Conexus Credit Union, we turn your dreams into reality by helping you come up with a plan for the future. Equity in an existing home may also be used to finance renovations, investments or debt consolidation.

Fixed-Rate Closed Expand/Collapse

Do you want to budget with certainty?

Fixed-Rate Open Expand/Collapse

You want the security of a fixed rate and the flexibility to pay off any or all of the mortgage without penalty.

Home Plus Plan Expand/Collapse

A Home Plus Plan has built in flexibility that lets you decide how to use the equity in your home to build your dreams. Once in place, a Home Plus Plan gives you control over how and when you use your available credit limit.

Self-Builder Expand/Collapse

You are building your own home on land you own.

Variable Rate Mortgages Expand/Collapse

You believe rates will decline and want to save on interest costs.


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