Online Banking Changes

The season is changing and so is our Online Banking!

We are excited to announce that the look and feel of our online banking is going to evolve very soon! We actively seek ways to improve the services we provide to ensure they meet our members’ needs and support their journey to financial wellness. Some of the changes may be more noticeable than others, however the way you log in and navigate the site won’t change and you won’t have to do anything differently.  The enhancements to the layout will make it easier to view your accounts, transfer funds and pay bills.

New Account Summary Page


New Account Activity Page

Account Activity


1. Will the changes to Online Banking change how I login? Expand/Collapse

No, you will be able to log in as you always have, the site will just have a new look as shown above.

2. What changes are coming to Online Banking? Expand/Collapse

  1. New view for the account summary and activity pages
  2. New actionable menu options from the account summary page (ie: pay bills, transfers, etc)
  3. Quickview of scheduled bill payments and transfers
  4. New account activity search

3. Will the settings I had previously set up be transferred to the new design? Expand/Collapse

Yes, you will be able to see everything you had set-up previously.

4. Will the changes impact the Conexus Mobile App? Expand/Collapse

No, the changes will only impact Online Banking.