What is a mobile website?

Mobile website provides you a way to access banking features on your smartphone’s mobile browser.

Services available:

  •  Check account balances
  •  View transaction activity
  •  Pay registered bills
  •  Transfer funds
  •  Manage scheduled bill payments and transfers
  •  Find a branch or ATM
  •  Contact Us

How do I know if the mobile website is compatible on my phone? Expand/Collapse

Most smartphones that have a desktop-grade internet browser as well as a data plan or Wi-Fi connection will work with mobile banking.

Why does it show my memorized account when I have not set it up on my smartphone through the new mobile website? Expand/Collapse

If you used your smartphone to access online banking prior to the Mobile Web launch, the first time you go to the mobile website, it will show you "Log in to XXX's account". This means your phone has stored the cookie for this feature. However, if you receive a new PAN number and you change your Memorized Account information in online banking, the mobile website will not see the change or vice versa. You will have to go into both of these sites and delete your old PAN number and add the new one.

Will the mobile website or text banking work outside Canada? Expand/Collapse

The mobile website for smartphones will work in any country where your mobile carrier’s data plan will work. However, while the mobile website is a free service through Conexus Credit Union, check with your mobile carrier for charges for accessing data while roaming.

How do I know my personal and financial information is safe? Expand/Collapse

We want to keep you safe, so we have the same authentication sign in on our mobile banking as we have on our online banking. You will be asked to supply your member card number, answer a security question, verify your security image and enter your password. No personal or banking information is saved on your phone.

What if my phone is lost or stolen? Expand/Collapse

If your smartphone is stolen, it can't be used to access mobile banking without your member card number and your password. You should contact your mobile carrier to have your mobile device deactivated.

Do I have to sign up for online banking to use the mobile website? Expand/Collapse

Yes, you need to have access to online banking and must have logged into it at least once prior to using mobile banking for smartphones in order to register for online banking, accept the online banking agreement and set up the Added Security Features.

What does it cost to use the mobile website? Expand/Collapse

It's free. We don't charge you for to use the mobile website, but your mobile carrier might charge you for accessing your data plan. Please contact your mobile carrier if you are unsure about any charges that might apply to you.