Remote Business Pro

What is Remote Business Pro?

Remote Business Pro is a service offered to businesses to enable them to scan and deposit cheques from the comfort of their own office space.  Cheque images are securely transmitted to the Credit Union for processing.

When will the deposit be credited to my business account? Expand/Collapse

The deposit is processed using Real Time Engine technology and will be deposited to the account immediately.

Are cheque images transmitted securely? Expand/Collapse

Yes.  There are three features to help ensure the application is secure.

Users of the software are provided access by the Credit Union’s Security Officers and then authenticated by Central 1’s secure site each time they sign in.

Cheque images are transmitted securely from the capture software using the HTTPS connection.
The corporation must be registered through the Credit Union with Central 1 to access the application.

What happens if the software detects that a cheque has been previously deposited (a duplicate deposit)? Expand/Collapse

Items detected as potential duplicates are flagged with an on-screen alert and require the Capture User to review the item and make a decision to either delete it, or elect to override the duplicate alert and send the item on deposit.  *Duplicate cheques can be recalled up to 180 days after deposit.  

What should I do with the physical cheques after they have been scanned? Expand/Collapse

The physical cheques should be stored in a secure location until they are destroyed.  In the majority of cases, these items will not need to be accessed once the item has cleared and can be destroyed once your required retention period has passed.  The recommended retention period is 90 days as that is the time-frame where images can be returned for poor image quality.  Imaged cheques must be destroyed no later than 120 days after they are scanned.  

What items are accepted for deposit using Remote Business Pro? Expand/Collapse

Cheques of the following currencies are accepted:
  • Canadian dollar items: Canadian dollar cheques, drafts, money orders
  • US dollar items: US dollar cheques, drafts, or money orders drawn on a financial institution domiciled in Canada or the United States
Items that CANNOT be deposited through Remote Business Pro: Savings Bonds, traveler’s cheques, US Domestic Postal Service Money orders, or cheques in other foreign currencies.

What are the different Remote Business Pro User roles and what are their responsibilities? Expand/Collapse

There are 3 different roles available and each role has different responsibilities and authorizations from completing deposits, to pulling reports, to authorizing deposits.  These roles are Capture User, Capture Analyst, and Capture Supervisor.  

Can Remote Business Pro be used on more than one computer? Expand/Collapse

Yes, however, the scanner will need to be moved between the computers.  You must ensure the scanner is installed and implemented on both computers.

How do I access Remote Business Pro? Expand/Collapse

You will be provided a Remote Business Pro Login Credentials document.

Will each cheque in a deposit appear as a separate item on my account? Expand/Collapse

No.  The sum total of the items included in a deposit will appear as an entry to your account.  You can create/view/print reports that itemize each cheque in the deposit.

Are deposit slips required? Expand/Collapse

No. Deposit slips are not required as Remote Business Pro solution will automatically create electronic deposit slips.

What are the cut off times to make the deposits? Expand/Collapse

Cut off time for deposits is 7:00PM local time.

How many times a day should we scan cheques? Expand/Collapse

Dependent on your business’ cheque volumes and if/when funds are needed in your account, it is recommended that cheques are scanned several times throughout the day to prevent a backlog of deposits.  Each deposit will show up separately in your bank account. Please note that each time you complete a deposit it will count as 1 deposit to your account, and regular service fees apply. If you are unsure of fees please contact your Business Advisor.

How many cheques should be scanned in each deposit? Expand/Collapse

For businesses with significant cheque volume, we recommend each deposit contain no more than 100 items to more readily facilitate error correction and balancing of the deposit.

Is there a maximum amount I can deposit using Remote Business Pro? Expand/Collapse

Deposits over $99,999,999.99 will be rejected by the system.

How long are the reports available on the system? Expand/Collapse

180 days.

Training Videos

Remote Business Pro Training Videos  - Help videos to get you started, troubleshoot issues, etc.