electronic statements

What are electronic statements (e-Statements)?

An electronic statement, or e-Statement, is a paperless account statement available through Conexus Online Banking as a PDF file (Adobe Acrobat required). It is a more environmentally-friendly alternative to receiving a traditional paper account statement in the mail.

Caring for our members means also caring for our local environment. One of the ways we are doing that is encouraging our members to sign up for electronic statements. Goodbye paper filing and shredding, hello digital storage!

What are the benefits of using e-Statements? Expand/Collapse

  • Environmentally friendly: reduce waste and shrink your carbon footprint
  • Early access: cutting out printing and shipping means getting your statement earlier
  • Safety: reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft
  • Ease of use: check your payment and deposit history with ease
  • Stay organized: no more paper filing and shredding
  • Unlimited storage: get your closet space back and look back at all your past statements with the click of a button
  • Money saver: e-Statements are FREE!

Are there fees for e-Statements? Expand/Collapse

There are no fees for selecting or viewing e-Statements.

Are there fees for printed statements? Expand/Collapse

If you wish to continue to receive printed statements, please note that you will be charged $2.50/ month for paper statements as of February 1, 2021.

How do I opt out of paper statements? Expand/Collapse

As an online banking user, you will automatically be signed up for e-Statements. If you are still receiving paper statements and wish to opt out follow these steps:
  • Login into Online Banking
  • Under “My Accounts” click on “Statement Preferences”
  • Select “Yes” to "Opt out of paper statements"?
  • Provide an email address if you wish to receive future email notifications that your e-Statement is ready to view

Do I have to enter an email address to sign up for e-Statements? Expand/Collapse

If you provide an email address, you will receive a notification when your statement is ready to view. If you choose not to include your email address, you will not receive a notification; however, you can still log in to review your statement at your convenience. In that case, you are agreeing to view your statements online and will do so in accordance with our account terms and conditions.
Rest assured, we will never transmit any sensitive or personal information via email or ask you to transmit any of your account information via email.

How will I know when my e-Statement is available to view online? Expand/Collapse

When you provide your email address, we will send an email notification advising that your e-Statement is now available to view. If you did not provide an email, you can add one under "Statement Preferences" to receive future notifications or visit your account at your convenience.

How do I opt out of receiving email notifications that my statements are ready to be viewed? Expand/Collapse

  • Log into Online Banking
  • Select "Profile and Preferences"
  • Click on "Opt-Out Preferences"
  • Select "Do not send me email notifications of when my electronic statements are available online".

How do I view my e-Statements? Expand/Collapse

  • Login into Online Banking
  • Under “My Accounts” click on “View e-Statements”
  • Select a date you want to view
  • Your account statement will appear in a separate browser window in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat required)

How far back can I access my e-Statements? Expand/Collapse

E-Statements will be listed separately and available online for seven years. Should you require a permanent record, you are responsible to save a copy of any statements you require.

Which accounts will I receive an e-Statement? Expand/Collapse

You will receive an e-Statement for all of your accounts under your membership.

Can I view my e-Statements through the mobile app? Expand/Collapse

E-Statements are only available to view through online banking on a computer.

I don’t currently use online banking; can I still opt-out of paper statements? Expand/Collapse

No, you need to be set up for online banking to opt out of receiving paper statements.

Don't have online banking? Expand/Collapse

Let's get you signed up! Call our Member Contact Centre at 1-800-667-7477 and we would be happy to get you started and walk you through how to use online banking and view your first e-Statement.