Why is Conexus updating the digital banking platform?

We’re focused on simplifying banking for our members, that means offering convenient and easy-to-use tools for their financial service needs. The new platform allows us to customize the digital banking experience to better serve our members to meet their needs.

What new features exist with the new digital platform?

  • Updated self-serve password reset process
  • Interac e-Transfer®
    • Ability to create one-time Interac e-Transfer recipients without adding them to recipient list
    • Ability to sign up for Autodeposit using a phone number instead of email only
    • Auto reclaim changes – automatically deposits declined and expired Interac e-Transfers back into your account
  • The Conexus Mobile app has expanded features
  • Increased security
    • Addition of two-factor authentication (one-time password)
    • Ability to manage the browsers and devices used to access digital banking
    • Ability to view logins by channel and location
  • Latest activity section that allows you to view all activity completed through digital banking
  • Ability to view ordered and active MEMBER CARD® debit card details
  • Login using a member chosen username rather than MEMBER CARD debit card PAN
  • Ability to use a single username to access all profiles, under a member, through Profile Selection
  • Our new online banking website is responsive to the device you are on
  • Ability to customize your banking profile
    • Add a profile picture
    • Favourite your most used transactions
    • Favourite your default account
    • Show and hide accounts in account listing
    • Choose the order your accounts appear in
  • Revamped “Connect With Us Form” with many more options
    • All forms have been combined into one

Preparing for Launch

Is there anything I can do to prepare for the new Conexus Digital Banking Platform?

Make sure that your contact details including mobile phone number and email address, are up to date in online banking.
You can do this under Profile and Preferences in online banking.

Make sure that you know your current login credentials, PAN/MEMBER CARD debit card number and password, to log in for the first time to the new platform.

Take a screenshot of or print off any Alerts that you have set up so that you can set them up in the new platform.

Next steps

  • The new Conexus website launches February 22, check it out by clicking here.
  • The new Conexus Digital Banking Platform launches March 7.