QuickChange Coin Machine

Conexus operates two QuickChange coin machines at the following branches:

  • West Landing Branch - 570 University Park Dr.
  • Conexus Crossing Branch - 1040 Pasqua St N.
These machines counts and sorts the coin and provides a receipt to the customer for redemption in the following manner:

  • Exchange at a teller for cash or deposit or
  • Deposit to your account at any Conexus ATM
Note: The receipt is only valid for deposit or cash on the day it is printed.

How it works:

  1. Ensure to remove dirt, debris and other objects from coins.
  2. Place coins in the auto feed hopper.
  3. Press the appropriate button to initiate counting.  QuickChange starts counting the coins and displays the running totals on the screen.
  4. Continue adding coin until all coins have been emptied into the machine. When the machine has finished counting, the screen prompts the customer to check for returned coins.
  5. Check the coin return at the lower left.
  6. Pull the receipt from the machine and take it to a teller or Conexus ATM for redemption.

Coin Machine Status:

West Landing Branch


Conexus Crossing Branch


Additional Information:

Foreign Coins

  • US coin deposited in the machine will be credited as if they were Canadian coins.
  • Any other foreign coins will be rejected and retuned to the coin return area of the machine.  

Members/Non-Member Fees

  • There will be no charge to use the machine for Conexus Credit Union members.
  • The first screen that appears on the machine indicates that there will be a charge for non-members. You will need to press a button to agree to the charge before the machine will start counting coins.