This credit-debit hybrid gives you the benefits of a traditional Mastercard® credit card, but the security of a debit card. Every purchase you make is automatically paid, once a transaction is complete, with funds from your credit union account. Whether you’re buying a double-double down the street or visiting the swim-up bar on the resort, you can debit your chequing account like a boss.

The GLOBAL PAYMENT™ Mastercard® is also a CHOICE REWARDS® Mastercard®, so you can collect points to redeem for free travel, cash-back, merchandise, gift certificates or charity donations. There are exceptional card benefits such as Other Travel Benefits, Rental Vehicle Benefits, Purchase Assurance and Extended Warranty.

Annual Fee: $24
(No annual fee with no rewards attached)

Handy tools and advice

Global Payment Choice Rewards Mastercard Support Expand/Collapse

Lost & Stolen Cards

within Canada and US - 1-800-567-8111

outside Canada and US - 1-306-566-1276 (collect)

Cardholder Services

within Canada and US - 1-800-561-7849

outside Canada and US - 1-306-566-1276 (collect)

Purchase Protection Claims


Extended Warranty Claims


Accidental Death Claims

1-800-315-2051 (in Canada & Continental U.S.)

(905)305-4255 (From elsewhere)

Travel Accidental Death Claims