Ways to bank

With so many outgoings and bills to keep track of, it’s easy to forget a payment. Set up pre-authorized credits and debits, direct deposits or payroll deposits to help you keep on track of your banking.

How to get started:

  • You need your transit (branch) number and address, institution (credit union) number and full 12 digit account number. We've included some tips on how to locate the information below.
  • Next, download the pre-authorized form below.
  • Complete the pre-authorized form and provide it to the company that will be crediting or debiting your account.

Where do I find my banking account info?



Online Banking:

Your full account number (12 digits) can be found within online banking.

  • Log into your account
  • Click on your account on the My Accounts page.
  • On the Account Activity page your full account number and branch information are displayed on the right hand side of the page, under Account Details.
  • Please Note: Ensure that your View on your account activity is showing the account that you have selected.

The institution/Branch number is always 889.

  • Pre-authorized Payments Form (PDF - 591.72 KB)

    This form provides account information in place of a void cheque and is used when arranging for direct deposits or pre-authorized payments. Simply complete this form and submit it to the company depositing the payment into your account or to the billing company.

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