Popular Questions

I can't remember my password how do I reset it? Expand/Collapse

Navigate to the login page and click the Forgot Password link or click here.

I need help banking from home! Expand/Collapse

We've put together some quick videos to help you stay safe and bank from home! Check them out here.

Can’t find the help you’re looking for? Contact us.

What are my INTERAC e-Transfer limits? Expand/Collapse

Personal Online Banking

Maximum amount per... Send limits *New Receive limits
individual transfer $3,000 $25,000*
daily $10,000 no limit*
7 days $10,000 no limit*
30 days $20,000 no limit*

Business Online Banking

Maximum amount per... Send limits *New Receive limits
individual transfer $10,000 $25,000*
daily $10,000 no limit*
7 days $70,000 no limit*
30 days $300,000 no limit*

I just received a new MemberCard - how does this affect me? Expand/Collapse

  1. Your card will come in the mail.
  2. Your PIN will arrive a few days later.
  3. Log in to the Conexus Mobile App or online banking with your new number to avoid any possible service disruption. If you use the memorized accounts feature, remove the old card information and add the new number.
  4. Destroy your old card
  5. You’re ready to use your new MEMBER CARD debit card.

Quick Tips:

  • Once you receive all your debit card information, you can change your PIN anytime by using a Canadian credit union ATM that displays the ACCULINK® symbol, or drop by a Conexus Credit Union branch and we’ll be happy to help.
  • If your new MEMBER CARD has the same number as your old one, you can continue using your existing PIN.

How do I create a bill payment? Expand/Collapse

You may visit here for a helpful tutorial on how to make a bill payment or here for step by step instructions.

If you’ve already registered bills for payment with us, they’ll be accessible through the ‘Payments’ tab in your online banking.

Quick Tips:

  • Remember to allow a few business days for the payment to get to the vendor's account. Some vendors take longer than others to process payments.
  • When adding a vendor, it’s important to pay special attention to the account number and number pattern that are on the bill. If they don’t match, the payment may be rejected.

Bills can also be removed or added by calling our Contact Centre at 1-800-667-7477.

How do I find my branch/transit number, financial institution number and account number? Expand/Collapse

You can find your personal information on the bottom of your Conexus cheques or through online banking.

The first 3 numbers on the cheque are the cheque number. The 5 digits following the cheque number are your transit number and the next 3 digits are your route number. The rest of the numbers on the cheque are your account number.

If you don’t have cheques, you can get this information through by logging into online banking and clicking the ‘Direct Deposit and Pre-Authorized Debit Form’ link found under your account.

You may visit here for a helpful tutorial on How to access a void cheque in online banking or here for step by step instructions.

The Institution number for Conexus will always be 889.

Below are transit numbers for each branch:


8th And Preston Branch


Conexus Circle Branch


Humboldt Branch


Kensington Branch


Lanigan Branch


Moose Jaw/Assiniboia

Assiniboia Branch


Central Butte Branch


Coronach Branch


Moose Jaw - High Street Branch


Moosomin/Fort Qu'Appelle

Bethune Branch


Fort Qu'Appelle Branch


Holdfast Branch


Lemberg Branch


Lumsden Branch


Midale Branch


Moosomin Branch


Rocanville Branch


Southey Branch


Wawota Branch


Whitewood Branch


Prince Albert/North

Cudworth Branch


La Ronge Branch


Meath Park Branch


PA - South Hill Branch


Wakaw Branch



Conexus Crossing Branch


North Albert Branch


Sherwood Place Branch


South Albert Branch


West Landing Branch


I want to know the balance of my account? Expand/Collapse

You can access all of your account balances using Online Banking, or by calling our Contact Centre at 1-800-667-7477.

I am planning a trip, what are the current exchange rates? Expand/Collapse

Visit this page to try out our Foreign Exchange Calculator.

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