What is a Market-Linked Guaranteed Investment? Market-Linked investments offer interest returns based on how companies in the investments perform.
How is a Market-Linked investment different than a term/GIC deposit? These products guarantee your original deposit amount with the opportunity for investors to earn more than a standard term/GIC with the safety of a guaranteed initial investment. The return on these investments depend on how the stocks perform during the investment, meaning that the maximum return can't be guaranteed.
How is it different than a mutual fund? An investment in a mutual fund has no guarantee but can offer larger returns based off the fund performance. With a market-linked investment you can rest easy knowing you have a minimum guaranteed return with the potential to earn more!
How can I invest? These investments can even be made through an RRSP, TFSA or on its own!
Conexus provides you with 2 options to invest in Market-Linked Products, the Canadian Mix and Eco Mix products!

Canadian Mix

Put your money where your maple leaf is with this investment made up of some of Canada's largest companies.


  • Choose from 3 or 5 year terms to fit your schedule and relax, knowing your original investment is 100% guaranteed.

Eco Mix

Live green, make green with this investment in eco-friendly companies. You won't need to worry since your original investment is fully guaranteed.


  • This investment has 3 or 5 year terms to choose from.