Who is Thrive?

As Conexus CEO, Eric Dillon says “Historically, Credit Unions haven’t been known for being experts in the field of Wealth Management, so we wanted to create a brand that did two things, first it created an expectation in the eyes of consumers about the real value and difference of being associated with a Credit Union, like always putting the interest of our clients first.  Secondly, we wanted to convey a deep expertise around helping people with their wealth and all the other very complex things Thrive does for our members today.”

Through a partnership between Conexus and Cornerstone Credit Union, a new credit union owned Wealth Management company was born, introducing, Thrive Wealth Management Ltd. For you, our members, nothing will really change during the transition. We want to make sure that you have the best advice for whatever stage of life you are in and if through conversation, it’s decided that  you could benefit from the expertise Thrive offers when it comes to wealth and other complex planning, we got you and we will make the referral.

Thrive is really looking forward to helping member’s reach their financial goals and who better to tell you about Thrive then Thrive themselves:

“Thrive is a local, credit union owned Wealth Management company. Our clients’ wealth and financial wellbeing is our main priority. Because of our credit union roots we sit on the same side of the table as you, our clients – we exist to help your wealth grow! We are friendly and easygoing, but take your finances seriously. Our services are available to everyone, no matter their circumstances. We use our thorough, innovative and up to date financial knowledge to protect our clients’ wealth, so they can thrive.”

To learn more about how you can Thrive – check them out online!