Long term

  • Non-redeemable, non-registered.
  • Terms between 1-5 years.
  • $1,0001 minimum investment.
  • Access to funds on maturity only.
  • Interest can be paid annually to your Conexus U.S. deposit account or compound to the term allowing you to earn interest on your interest.
  • Minimum quarterly statements.
  • Automatic reinvestment at current rate2.
  • Potential to earn a higher interest rate than a U.S. dollar chequing account.
  • Generally, longer term lengths earn a higher rate of interest.
  • Must be purchase in U.S. funds.


1 year2.00%
2 years2.50%
3 years2.70%
4 years3.00%
5 years3.30%
  1. Minimum deposit for youth is $500.00 USD (0-18 years).
  2. Unless other instructions provided prior to maturity.