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Investing can be confusing – we get it! From RRSPs to TFSAs to FHSAs and more, the options can have you scratching your head. Thankfully, our advisors are experts at helping you to make sense of it all. So, whether you’re saving for your first home, investing in your child’s education, building a vacation fund, or planning for retirement, we can help you get there. It pays to start now!

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Determining which investment account or product is right for you begins with understanding what each can offer. Read on to find out which options fit best with your financial goals.

Investment Accounts

From RRSPs to TFSAs to FHSAs and more (oh my), we can help you make sense of all the acronyms and choose the best options to get you to your financial destination.

Investment Products

Are you a fearless-Freddy or a nervous-Nancy? Depending on your appetite for risk, choose the investment products that will help you maximize your wealth (while maintaining your comfort level).

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For the do-it-yourself crowd, we’ve partnered with Qtrade Direct Investing®, Canada’s #1 online investing platform. Learn more and find out if you’re eligible to get up to $2,000 in cash back bonuses!


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