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Celebrating Cultivator’s 1st Birthday with a 24 Hour Startup

It’s crazy to think that a year has already gone by since we launched Cultivator powered by Conexus, Canada’s first credit union led business incubator. To celebrate, we’ll be hosting a 24 Hour Startup on January 24 & 25 in YQR.

24 Hour Startup brings together the best and brightest entrepreneurs, talented developers, lead designers and makers to pitch ideas, form teams and build a minimum viable product (MVP) in 24 hours! This diverse group converges and together build something new & innovative that they’ll then pitch to judges for a chance to win up to $2,500 in prizes.

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, but have never had the chance to explore it, here is your chance. To learn more and register, visit the sign up page.

Protecting yourself from fraud this holiday season

There are many scams out there, and during the holiday season we tend to see an increase in scams due to more purchases being made and people their guard down due to being in the holiday spirit.

Unfortunately, scammers don’t take the holiday season off and try and trick us when we least expect it. Here are a few tips and reminders on keeping yourself and finances safe this holiday season:

  • If online shopping do your research first. Buy only from companies or individuals that have a good reputation or you’ve purchased from in the past. If a seller has little or no reviews, this may be a sign that they aren’t legit. Be sure to read the fine print, including refund and return policies and ask the vendor questions – if a trusted company, they should be able to provide you the answers no problem.
  • Scammers use a variety of channels to try and trick us, including email and text. Before clicking on any link, be sure to look at the email carefully. Spelling errors, bad grammar or altered logos are signs of the email being fake. Hover over the link to display the full URL. If it looks suspicious, it probably is – instead, contact the company directly or type in the website to log into your account to see if any actions are required from you.
  • Create pins, passwords and security questions that aren’t easy to guess – 123456 or password are on the top worst passwords list and should be avoided! Do not share your pin or passwords with others. If you need to write down your pin or password, keep in a secure place such a your home safe. Do not keep in a place such as under your keyboard or in your wallet as it increases your risk of being scammed, especially if stolen
  • Be suspicious of phone calls asking for your personal information. The majority of companies won’t call or email you asking you provide personal information over the phone or through email. Scammers will many times use scare tactics (such as your account is about to close, or suspicious account activity that needs immediate attention) to make you panic give up the information. Don’t give in. If you do receive a call that seems suspicious, we suggest hanging up and contacting the company directly.

Remember if it feels wrong, it most likely is wrong. If you encounter any suspicious activity or believe you may have been the victim of fraud, report it immediately. For more information about fraud, including how to report an incident, visit To learn more tips about protecting yourself from fraud, check out our #MONEYTALK blogs, It CAN happen to you: protecting yourself from fraud and How TO fall for a scam.


Saskatoon Capital Funding Announcement

We're excited to announce today a new partnership with the Optimist Club of Saskatoon, contributing $1 million to Phase 2 of the Optimist Hill Campaign. This funding will be used for the future permanent chalet, which once built, will be named the Conexus Riverview Chalet.  

Optimist Hill, Saskatoon’s winter destination, provides a full range of activities for children and adults, located in in Diefenbaker Park.  Phase 1 of the campaign included the creation a 70-foot hill with groomed lanes for snow-tubing, skiing and snowboarding, terrain park, and a Sunkid carpet conveyor – all now open to the public.

Being part of the community where we live, work and play is fundamental to who we are, and is why we contribute to capital projects like Optimist Hill.  The Hill creates a fun, new amenity for families to enjoy together and not only supports growth within Saskatoon, but also improves the well-being within our community.

To learn more about the Hill, visit

Update: Request for Offer Update: Successful Candidates of Conexus Buildings

Over the past few months, we took a unique approach to request offers from the community to acquire and use our buildings in Chamberlain, Cupar, Drake, Middle Lake, Mossbank, Spy Hill, Young and two locations in Regina – Fifth Avenue and Wallace. We’ve finalized several of the offers, and we’re excited to share with you the successful candidates:

  • Cupar - Town of Cupar
  • Fifth Avenue (Regina) - Circle Project
  • Wallace (Regina) - Ignite Adult Learning
  • Young - Village of Young and RM of Morris
We’re still finalizing details for the buildings in Chamberlain, Drake, Middle Lake, Mossbank and Spy Hill. We’ll provide another update once those are complete.

Conexus & Jim Pattison Children's Hospital Making Spirits Bright!

Children's hospitalWe’re excited to announce a brand new and exciting partnership with Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation for the 2019 Making Spirits Bright Holiday Giving Campaign.

Each year, Making Spirits Bright Holiday Giving Campaign allows you to give a gift that really matters to kids in hospital. For little ones like Ethan, who was born dangerously early at 23 weeks gestation, your gift towards the Making Spirits Bright Holiday Giving Campaign will provide hope and healing during the holiday season and when they need it most.

This holiday season, there’s never been an easier way to give thoughtful gifts to the ones you love, while giving back to Saskatchewan families at the same time. By shopping the Making Spirits Bright Holiday Giving catalogue, you can give a gift that transforms little lives right here at home with 100% of your funds supporting children and families in hospital. To make your gift go even further this holiday season, Conexus will be matching your donations up to $50,000!   

The Making Spirits Bright campaign runs until December 31, 2019.  Please donate to help make the spirits brighter of a child so they can be home for the holidays.  To make your on-line donation, visit

Supporting our Ag Members

Conexus is a locally owned and operated credit union, meaning the decisions made around your operation’s financial needs are made right here in Saskatchewan. We understand the hard work and passion behind each day in the field to produce high-quality food for consumers across Canada and North America. Due to weather and other conditions, 2019 was a tough year and we understand the serious impacts it had on farming operations across our province. With conditions out of your control, we want to make sure you know that we are here to support and help you during this time.
We’re here to help you succeed and we’ll work with you to develop solutions that meet the unique needs of your operation to reduce financial pressure around this year’s circumstances. We have a team of experts ready to find a solution that works for you and your business, and we encourage you to contact your Business Advisor directly to discuss your individual situation and the options available.
Alongside financial well-being, we want to recognize the importance of taking care of your overall well-being. There are free and confidential supports available 24/7 throughout the province to help your mental and physical well-being such as the Saskatchewan 24/7 Hour Crisis Hotline or the Farm Stress Line.   
All of us at Conexus appreciate everything you do to ensure that agriculture remains one of Saskatchewan’s leading industries and allowing us the ability to offer unique solutions that fit your operation. We are here to work alongside you to achieve your goals!
Please call to book an appointment today with a Business Advisor: 1-800-667-7477.

November is Financial Literacy Month

When it comes to your knowledge about money, how confident are you? Would you be able to answer basic financial questions such as:
  • What's the difference between a savings account and a chequing account?
  • What's the difference between a fixed expense and a variable expense?
  • What are the different type of money scams and could you identify them?
According to a report by the OECD International Network on Financial Literacy Education, Canadians lack the basic financial knowledge they need to make smart decisions with their money.
Financial literacy is a combination of awareness, knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviour necessary to make smart, responsible decisions with your money. It's something we're passionate about Conexus and continue to bring awareness to and educate within our communities, including delivering Each One Teach One presentations across the province, partnering with WHL and SJHL teams to deliver financial literacy presentations in classrooms and working with organizations across Saskatchewan to incorporate financial literacy education into their programming.
November is Financial Literacy Month, and throughout the month we'll be promoting a series of financial literacy initiatives aimed to help you Take Charge of Your Finances. Each week, we'll be tackling a new topic, sharing different statistics, tips and blogs all in an effort to improve financial literacy knowledge. Topics are:
Nov. 3 - 9: Budgeting
Nov. 10 - 16: Setting Financial Goals
Nov. 17 - 23: Protecting Yourself From Fraud
Nov. 24 - 30: Borrowing Money Wisely
To learn more and get involved:

Branch closures take effect end of day October 2, 2019

Banking is changing and on May 31, we announced to our members the decision to close nine of our branches to keep pace with our member’s ever-changing needs.
At the end of day on October 2, 2019, the following Conexus branches will be closed permanently:

  • Chamberlain
  • Cupar
  • Drake
  • Fifth Ave (Regina)
  • Middle Lake
  • Mossbank
  • Spy Hill
  • Wallace (Regina)
  • Young
Though these branches are closing, there are still a number of ways our members can connect with us including:

  • Visiting any Conexus Credit Union location across Saskatchewan;
  • Contacting our Member Contact Centre at 1-800-667-7477, open 7 days a week; and
  • Access your banking through our online or mobile banking apps.

September 27 - Conexus Giving $500,000 to CT Simulator Community Campaign for cancer care in Saskatchewan

We know cancer doesn't discriminate. People across our province, including our members, our employees and beyond are affected by this disease; and that's why we give.

On behalf of Conexus and our members, we’re proud to announce our support for cancer care in Saskatchewan with a $500,000 contribution to the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan's province-wide, CT Simulator Community Campaign. This community investment partnership will enhance patient care for every cancer patient who receives radiation therapy in Saskatchewan. The campaign is aimed at fundraising $3 million to replace the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency's two CT Simulators for radiation therapy at the Allan Blair Cancer Centre in Regina and the Saskatoon Cancer Centre.

Investing in basic human needs, such as critical health care services, is foundational to Conexus' purpose of improving the financial well-being of our members and our communities.

Visit to learn more about the CT Simulator Community Campaign.

Update on September 8 ATM and Point of Sale issue

On September 8, our integrated payments service provider experienced a power distribution system failure which affected all of its payment processing services, including debit card payments and ATM transactions. This not only impacted our members but many Canadians, as a number of financial institutions were affected by this power failure. We can confirm that your information was never at risk and this service disruption was not due to weather or cyber-attack.
We hear you and recognize the significant inconvenience this caused our members, as well as local businesses during this outage. We thank you for your patience as we worked with our partners to restore services. All services are now restored but if you are still experiencing technical issues related to your debit card, please contact our Member Contact Centre at 1(800)667-7477.

Aug. 19, 2019 - Congratulations to our 2019 Youth Leadership Award recipients!

Awards were presented to member students across the province recognizing the students for their contributions made to school life and community, rewarding them for their leadership, community involvement and co-operative spirit. Congratulations to this year’s award recipients:

  • Sklyar Ackerman, Moose Jaw
  • Bernadette Ballman, Balgonie
  • Tanner Bolianatz, Balgonie
  • Bryson Bolianatz, Balgonie
  • Rochelle Bonk, Vibank
  • Abigail Chupa, Regina
  • Megan Davies, Southey
  • Christina Franks, Assiniboia
  • Caitlyn Ganson, Midale
  • Allison Hayhurst, Whitewood
  • Kylee Ireland, Moosomin
  • Braden Istace, Southey
  • Branden Janotta, Regina
  • Elsie Kish, Cupar
  • Grace Martynook, Moose Jaw
  • Joshua McRae, Craik
  • Jenna Medernach, Cudworth
  • Kassia Nameth, Southey
  • Kennedy Oleksyn, Wakaw
  • Kelsey Parsons, Middle Lake
  • Maya Petreny, Moosomin
  • Teisha Regel, Fort Qu’Appelle
  • Katelyne Richardson, Middle Lake
  • Emily Schwab, Regina
  • Abigail Scott, Prince Albert
  • Joanna Vint, Fort Qu’Appelle
Check out their smiling faces and congratulate them on our Facebook page.

Learn more about Conexus’ Youth Leadership Awards here.

June 27 - Updated Conexus Android App

We are excited to say after many months of working through the technical issues with Mobile Pay, it has been fixed. We released a new Conexus Android Mobile App version 13.18.6 to the Google Play Store on June 26.

This version of the app will fix the following issues:

  • Outstanding mobile pay issues: adding a card to Mobile Pay, using Mobile Pay at POS terminals.
  • Compatibility issues: We had members reporting that they could not install our app on their devices. Our app is compatible with Android operating systems 6.0 and up.
  • Crashing issues: Members were reporting that the app would crash or stop working.
Please note:

Mobile Pay is only supported on devices with Android operating systems 7.0 and up. Member’s devices that are not supported will display the below error message when they click on Mobile Pay.

May 31, 2019 – Conexus Service Delivery Changes

Banking is changing rapidly. More than ever our members are more mobile, accessing our services much more differently than they have in the past, using more digital services and using much less cash. As a co-operative, we must be responsible to our members on how we invest their credit union’s resources. This includes investing in our people and digital channels, not just physical locations to align with our members’ ever-changing needs and habits.

While recognizing your changing needs, and following an ongoing review of our service delivery channels, we’ve made the decision to close nine of our branches. Our branches in Chamberlain, Cupar, Drake, Middle Lake, Mossbank, Spy Hill, Young and Regina (Fifth Avenue Branch and Wallace Branch) will close at the end of the business day on October 2, 2019.

Decisions on branch closures are difficult. While respecting our past, we must build a future that allows us to best serve our members by offering flexibility in our delivery of service and that aligns with our members’ ever-changing needs. No longer is banking a place to go, but something we do, regardless of location. We’re more focused than ever on our purpose of improving the financial well-being of our members, and we know that it’s the financial advice we provide that makes the most meaningful impact for you. We’ll continue to proactively provide the advice and solutions you need and we’ll do that where and when you need us to, not just in our branches. 

We understand that you may have questions and will be hosting information sessions the week of June 10-13, providing you with the opportunity to learn more about the decision and ask any questions you may have.  The information session dates and times are as follows:

June 10:

Mossbank – 7:30 PM at the Mossbank Community Centre

Middle Lake – 7:30 PM at the Middle Lake Multiplex

June 11:

Drake – 7:30 PM at the Drake Community Centre

Fifth Avenue Branch & Wallace Branch, Regina – 7:30 PM at the Mamaweyatitan Centre,

Multi-purpose room West

June 12:

Cupar – 7:30 PM at the Cupar Town Hall

Young – 7:30 PM at the Young Community Town Hall

June 13:

Spy Hill – 7:30 PM at the Spy Hill Community Hall

Chamberlain – 7:30 PM at Chamberlain Town Hall

We recognize this is a change for our members in these communities, which can be uncomfortable. We will continue to be your financial partner, regardless of location, and will walk alongside you to make this transition as seamless as possible for you.

In addition to attending the information sessions, we encourage you to visit your branch to discuss your individual needs with our employees. They will work with you to understand your needs and identify solutions to best meet these needs. 

We will also continue to support the communities of our members, regardless of having a physical branch location. We’re committed to the cooperative principle of returning profits to the community and is a promise we intend to hold with our members and communities. To learn more about our Community Investment Program, visit

May 27 - Changes to Interac e-Transfer Security Questions

Effective immediately, Interac requires new security answers for the question you ask the recipient to answer before funds are transferred.

All security answers that you have set up since September 20, 2018 will not need to be updated. If you have not updated your recipients’ security answers since before September 20, 2018, you will need to set up a new security answers before you can send money to those recipients.

  • Effective immediately, if you have not updated your security answers will be notified when you send an e-Transfer. You will receive the below message.
    • “Due to Interac e-Transfer updates, you will need to update your security question and answer for this recipient. Please click here to update your recipient’s details. For assistance, please contact your branch."
  • You can click the link and be directed to the Edit Recipient screen for the given recipient. You will not be able to send the e-Transfer to that recipient until the security answer is updated. You may use the same question and answer.
  • Any security answers not updated by September 1, 2019 will be deleted by Interac and you will be required to enter a new security answer the next time you send an e-Transfer to that recipient.
You are able to update your security answers through Online Banking, Mobile Web or the Conexus Mobile apps.

April 24 - Members pass bylaw amendement

The votes are in and Conexus members have approved changes to our bylaws that will make our election process more consistent and inclusive. The changes were approved by 87% of voting members. The vote ran from April 16 – April 23. Thank you to everyone who voted to help shape the future of Conexus!  

This approval means that starting in 2020:

  • All eligible members will participate in the electoral process every year (as candidates or voters) regardless of where they live.
  • Quorum will increase to 25 from 15 members.
  • Time allowed to vote on fundamental changes will increase to 21 days from 14 days (if needed).
  • Members will have the option to vote for up to as many candidates (rather than required) as there are openings.  
The Nominations Committee will also begin recommending candidates to align with the competencies and diversity the board is seeking. By removing the district structure and allowing members to vote for all members of the board, the changes give members greater influence in the democratic process. Under our current structure, you can only run for the board or vote when there’s an opening in your district.  

Members can read about the changes in more detail at our Bylaw Amendment page.  

Your votes doing good – Conexus donated $1 for each vote to the Saskatchewan Financial Literacy Network. Added to the money pledged for each director election vote and AGM participant, this brings our total donation to $5,000.

March 18 – Fraud Prevention Month – It doesn’t take much to lose everything!

March is Fraud Prevention Month, an annual campaign that seeks to help you recognize, reject and report fraud.

Fraud does not discriminate! In today’s world this holds true more than ever and it can be easy to become a target of fraud. This week we will be sharing advice and tips on how you can ensure your personal information, stays personal!

Here at Conexus, protecting the privacy and financial information of our members is a top priority. See our, online security guarantee for more information.

In honour of Fraud Prevention Month here are some quick tips to ensure you are staying safe:

  • Fraud scams can happen through a variety of methods including the internet, your computer and your phone. Common tactics include fake emails, phone calls from scammers pretending to be someone else, and text message.
  • Many fraudsters will often use scare tactics to make you panic, such as your account is being closed, to try and make you give up your information. Don't give in.
  • Phishing emails may look real at a quick glance, but there's usually something wrong such as spelling mistakes, bad grammar and altered logos.
  • Creating a strong password is important. Make sure you are using a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. If using online or mobile banking, help protect your information online by creating a strong password, that you do not use for any other online services, such as email, or social media, and don’t share this password with anyone.
  • We will never ask you for personal information by email or phone. If you're ever unsure, contact us directly.
  • We take many precautions to ensure the online banking environment and your information is safe.
  • Make sure you have online banking security alerts set up. This will notify you anytime there is suspicious activity on your account.
Follow our social channels throughout the week, as we highlight more tips and advice on how you can be fraud smart!

February 4 - Log into online government services sites using your online banking credentials!

Online access made easy with the new SecureKey Concierge™ Sign-In service!
Logging into online Government of Canada services sites just got easier with our new SecureKey Concierge™ Sign-In service. This  service gives you the ability to securely sign into over 80 Canadian online government services sites using your very own Conexus banking credentials that you already have and trust. Services like Canada Revenue Agency, Service Canada and many more!

We are committed to keeping your confidential information as safe as possible. We will not share any personal or account information with SecureKey and there is no record of which government site you’re accessing or that you are signing in with Conexus credentials. Best of all it saves you having to create yet another account with another password to remember!
Simple. Convenient. Secure.

Intrigued? Learn more about SecureKey Concierge™ here.

February 1 - Introducing... Cultivator powered by Conexus!

Conexus Credit Union is proud to announce the launch of its business incubator brand, Cultivator.

The brand was launched at the incubator’s first Community Night event on January 31 and represents innovation and growth for our province as it is Canada’s first credit union led business incubator.  

The name Cultivator is about cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit that exists in our province and bringing it together to grow more companies. It makes a subtle yet appropriate connection to the rich agriculture history of our province, while identifies our Saskatchewan credit union roots through the CU at the beginning of the name.

Our business incubator is part of the Conexus Building Communities project and will utilize 15,000 sq. ft of the new building starting in 2020. It is a key contributor to our community and a way we are giving back to our community. No longer will local entrepreneurs have to take their ideas elsewhere, as we are building a hub for local start-up businesses to launch and grow right here in Saskatchewan. We’re excited to put Saskatchewan startups on the map in a bold and creative way!

Cultivator will also be hosting monthly community nights bringing those within the entrepreneurial ecosystem together to inspire, learn and connect. If you’re looking to build a scalable startup company in Saskatchewan, would like to join one, or want to see what the entrepreneurial ecosystem is all about, we recommend attending one of these community nights.  

For more information or to learn about upcoming events visit or follow @CultivatorSK on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.   

January 21 - Board Proposing Changes to Bylaws at 2019 AGM

At this year’s annual general meeting, the board is asking members to vote on some important bylaw amendments that will improve our election process, making it more consistent and inclusive. Members will vote on the changes following our 2019 AGM. If approved, they’ll come into effect for the 2020 election.   

The most significant proposal is to remove our district structure. This will allow all eligible members to participate in the electoral process every year (as candidates or voters) regardless of where you live. Under our current structure, members can only run for the board or vote when there’s an opening in their district. The change would:

  • standardize our election process across the province
  • ensure running for the board and voting is more inclusive for all eligible members
  • ensure geography isn’t a barrier to participating in the democratic process
  • help ensure we can fill vacancies on the board with candidates who have the specific attributes the board is seeking in a given year
  • recognize that 12,000 plus members live outside of our current district boundaries, making them somewhat arbitrary  
“As our environment evolves, the job of a director is becoming more complex – especially for a credit union of our size. Our board has worked to ensure its members are skilled and diverse,” says board Chair Joel Mowchenko. “The proposed approach will help ensure that continues.”

Learn more – Visit our 2019 Bylaw Amendment section for more detail about this, other proposed amendments and plans to ensure geographic representation remains a factor in future board elections. The board will present information at our 2019 AGM April 16 and all members can vote on the changes until April 23 at 4 p.m. We hope you’ll take the opportunity to have your say on this important matter.  

Questions? Please contact our board at  

Frequently asked questions on the proposal

Conexus bylaws with proposed changes

December 11 - Introducing our exciting new INTERAC® e-Transfer features!

Christmas has come early with the new INTERAC® e-Transfer features for online and mobile banking. These features for sending and receiving money take convenience to the next level saving something you value most… your time! Here is what we are talking about:

INTERAC Autodeposit:

This feature is designed to make receiving money even easier by automatically depositing the money into your bank account without you having to answer a security question for every transaction. Same value, same security, more convenience!

Click here to learn more.

INTERAC Request Money:

This feature is designed to easily allow you to request money that you are owed with the ability to add invoice numbers, personalized messages and due dates with your payment request. The process is simple. When you send a request for money the recipient is notified instantly and has the option to accept the request. When the recipient accepts the request, the money will be automatically deposited into your account. Collecting made easy!

Click here to learn more.

Limit Groups:

We are pushing the limits with our new outgoing INTERAC® e-Transfer limits for our Business Online members.

Click here for all the details.

New Conexus Mobile App:

To continue to provide our members with the best experience with these new features, we are implementing a mandatory Conexus Mobile App upgrade. After December 21, members will be required to update their app in order to continue to use it.

Updated Electronic Services Agreement:

We have updated our electronic services agreement to reflect our new Interac e-Transfer features.

Personal Online Banking Electronic Services Agreement

Business Online Electronic Services Agreement

October 12 - Credit unions leading the charge in customer service for another straight year!

Credit unions leading the charge in customer service for another straight year!

We’ve been saying it all along, but today it was announced that credit unions are the best! Credit unions have received both Customer Service Excellence and Branch Service Excellence in the 2018 Ipsos Financial Service Excellence Awards for the 14th year in a row. And for the first time, ATM Banking Excellence - Click here to read more.

At Conexus, we think of ourselves as a community and that wouldn’t be possible without the support of our members. We are continually striving to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our members, their families and their communities. This isn’t just something we say, it’s a promise that’s delivered by over 900 employees across Saskatchewan.

We are so proud to have been recognized once again, alongside all other credit unions!


Fraud Alerts

Educate yourself about current fraud attempts and how to protect yourself.