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Recognizing the variety of investment options at your disposal is crucial for reaching your financial objectives. And we get it! It’s a lot to navigate, but we're here to help you make informed decisions about where to grow your wealth – let's chart a course towards your financial success!

Market-linked guaranteed investment certificate (GIC)

A market-linked GIC combines elements of traditional fixed-income investments (such as a bond) with the exposure to the performance of financial markets, typically stock market indexes. Market-linked GICs have the potential to earn interest at a higher rate if the stock market rises; however, you may experience loss during the term if the stock market goes south.

Returns are linked to the performance of one or more stock market indexes, which can result in higher earnings if it performs well

Provide exposure to the stock market without investing in individual stocks

Your principal amount is guaranteed, meaning you won’t lose the money you initially invested

Great for: anyone who is saving for a short to medium-term financial goal and is comfortable with variable returns.


Stocks are a security representing partial ownership of a publicly traded company. When you buy stocks in a company, it means you own part of that company! The more shares (a share is a unit of stock) you buy, the more stock you have in a company.

Potential for high returns over the long-term

Some companies pay shareholders dividends (earnings), providing you with regular investment income

Great for: anyone who is looking to help build savings over the long-term.

Exchange-traded fund (ETF)

An ETF is a type of investment vehicle that in turn invests into a portfolio of other investments, similar to a mutual fund. Unlike the mutual fund, ETFs can be purchased or sold on a stock exchange.

Prices fluctuate all day as ETFs are bought and sold on the stock market

Tend to be more cost-effective as they have lower management fees

Offer diversification since they invest in several different assets like stocks and bonds

Great for: those who like a little involvement in managing investments and are looking to diversify investments with different types of stocks and bonds.

Mutual funds

A mutual fund is a type of investment vehicle where money is collected from many investors and then that money is pooled together to invest in assets such as stocks and bonds. The combined assets of the mutual fund are known as its portfolio. Mutual funds trade once a day after the market closes.

Offer diversification since they invest in several different assets, reducing your risk

Managed by experts who choose and monitor the investments, giving you peace of mind

Offer an affordable way to invest in a wide array of stocks

Great for: long-term investors who want a more hands-off experience or those looking to diversify investments with different types of stocks and bonds.


Bonds are investment securities where an investor lends money to a company or a government for a set period of time in exchange for regular interest payments. Once the bond reaches maturity, the investor’s money is returned. Many times, companies sell bonds to finance ongoing operations, new projects, or acquisitions.

Lower risk investment

Can provide a predictable steady stream of income

A bondholder can sell their debts to others, so if you sell higher than what you purchased for, you earn what is known as capital gains

Great for: anyone looking to diversify their investment portfolio, especially for those near retiring age looking to swap trade growth for safety.

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