Business Incubator

Saskatchewan’s tech ecosystem is flourishing and contributing to this growth is the innovative work being done by our tech incubator, Cultivator powered by Conexus (Cultivator).

Launched in 2019, Cultivator is Canada’s first credit union led tech incubator that provides local founders with access to space, resources, mentorship, programming and more, helping them to launch, grow and scale from right here in Saskatchewan. Cultivator is home to some of the fastest-growing tech startups in the Canadian prairies, and in just three years, Cultivator companies have:

  • generated over $14 million in revenue;
  • raised $22.8 million in private capital;
  • obtained $23.1 million in public funding; and
  • created over 300 jobs.

Conexus is no stranger to innovation. As a forward-thinking credit union, it is continually looking for new ways to support its members and communities. Looking back at Saskatchewan’s entrepreneurial landscape just a few years ago, there weren’t many resources, funding, or space to help local startups launch, grow, and scale their businesses globally, causing many founders to leave the province. Conexus created Cultivator to reduce the barriers founders were facing, and create a hub to accelerate the growth of startups right here at home. Since launching, Cultivator has incubated over 80 tech companies through its START, GROW, SCALE and Agtech (BETA) programming, with 29 of these companies being led by female founders.

To further accelerate the growth of Canadian agtech, Cultivator founded an Agtech Accelerator program alongside other founding partners, Emmertech and Economic Development Regina. Through this program, agtech cohort companies will have access to programming, resources, mentors and more helping them to scale globally. What makes this Agtech Accelerator unique is that it is venture capital backed, meaning companies selected to participate in the yearly cohort will receive a minimum $100,000 equity investment at intake - a first for an accelerator in Canada!

Cultivator is headquartered at Conexus’ head office in Regina, and uses 15,000 square feet of the space including working space for founders and teams, a pitch space, and connection to the Darke Hall. To learn more, visit