Whether you're a first time homebuyer, an existing homeowner or just planning for your future home, we can help your realty dreams become reality.

Why choose Conexus as your mortgage provider?

  1. Local Saskatchewan Connection – Conexus is a locally owned and operated credit union and all our employees, from the branch to our Member Contact Centre, are in Saskatchewan.
  2. Member-owned – We are owned by our members who have a say in how our credit union operates. Unlike banks who are owned by shareholders, we are driven by our members and our members are our number one priority.
  3. Community Support – As a credit union, we are committed to not only ensuring the success of our members, but also the communities in which we serve. Each year, we invest up to 5% of our pre-tax profits back into your communities. In 2021, Conexus invested over $1.9 million into Saskatchewan communities.

Our rates

At Conexus, we have mortgage solutions to fit your life - whatever that may look like. We offer several types of mortgages including flex feature, value, construction, home equity, self-builder and more. What's the best option for you?

120 day rate guarantee

We guarantee an interest rate for up to 120 days from the date a mortgage application is started in our system.

How much can I afford?

Seeing a lot of for sale signs lately and curious to see what kind of house you can afford?

Mortgage Switch Program

We'll pay up to $1,250 to switch your mortgage to Conexus.

Pay your mortgage off faster

There are several ways you can pay your mortgage off faster such as accelerated payments, prepayments, and more.

Build your mortgage knowledge

There’s so much to know when it comes to buying or selling a house, and let’s not get started on all the mortgage lingo out there. Increase your mortgage knowledge by checking out some of these blogs:

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