SmartControls FAQ

What is SmartControlsTM? Expand/Collapse

SmartControls is a simple to use solution that enables you to monitor, control and protect your Conexus Mastercard activity.

Through MyCardInfo, cardholders will be able to select and enable transactional alerts and controls including online and international transactions.

What is the difference between an Alert and a Control? Expand/Collapse

Controls: A control enables/disables the usage of a card. Once the control is activated, any attempted transactions will be declined.

Alerts: An Alert will notify you of any transactions or parameter selected from the list of alerts.

How do I create new Alerts/Controls? Expand/Collapse

Follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Select Account Services tab and SmartControls menu.
  3. Click on +Create Profile.
  4. Select the cardholder on file you are creating the profile for and enter a profile name.
  5. Add contact information.
  6. Select the Alerts or Controls that you want from the list.

Can I cancel or add an Alerts or Controls? Expand/Collapse

Yes! On MyCardInfo, select AccountServices tab and SmartControls menu.

From your profile, modify your Alerts or control selection.

Can I reactivate SmartControls if I cancel this service? Expand/Collapse


How do I know the message is legitimate? Expand/Collapse

You will never be redirected to the MyCardInfo login page for authentication or asked to forward personal information. If you do not recognize the transactions or have any questions, please call us at 1-833-528-2273.

Can the Alerts be customized by users specifically at card level? Expand/Collapse

Yes! Alerts and Controls can be customized specifically by user at the card level.

How will I receive the alerts? Expand/Collapse

On MyCardInfo, select Account Services tab and SmartControls menu. From your profile, modify your Alerts or control selection.

What is the minimum purchase amount for alerts? Expand/Collapse

The minimum threshold for purchase notification is $10, which can be increased in your profile settings. When you set this threshold, you will receive emails for each purchase made above the specified amount.

I am unable to access SmartControls on my mobile phone. What can I do? Expand/Collapse

SmartControls is accessible via the Desktop version of the browser only. You must switch the view of your MyCardInfo site to Desktop view if you are using your mobile device.

Is SmartControls available on both consumer and business accounts? Expand/Collapse


For business accounts specifically, who can manage SmartControls? Expand/Collapse

Authorized Business Representative on the account (Consolidated Pay Structure)
Authorized Cardholders (Consolidated Pay Structure)
All Cardholders (Individual Pay Structure)

Conexus Mastercard FAQs

How do I activate my Conexus Mastercard? Expand/Collapse

To activate, call the number on your new Conexus credit card sticker to activate your card (1.866.498.3840). If you have trouble activating your card, your call will be transferred to a live agent who can help validate your identity and account information before activating your card for you.

What is my PIN? Expand/Collapse

Your PIN is unique to you. No one else can use your card without the PIN, so you can help ensure your own peace of mind by keeping your PIN private and protected. You can change your PIN at any time.

How do I PIN my new Conexus Mastercard? Expand/Collapse

Call the number on the sticker on your new card to activate, you can then directly connect through to PIN NOW by pressing '1' to set up your PIN.

If you have already activated your card, and missed the PIN option, you can call PIN NOW at 1-844-788-2725 to set up your PIN.

How do I change my PIN? Expand/Collapse

To establish or change your PIN, call PIN NOW 1.844.788.2725.

After changing your PIN,  it will need to be activated. To activate your PIN at a merchant or at an ATM, one of the following actions is required (to ensure that your new PIN is authorized):

  1. When first using your card to make a purchase, you will be required to enter your PIN one time to trigger activation, authorize and approve your transaction. As part of the approval process you may be asked by the merchant to provide a signature on the sales slip. Your new PIN has now been activated.

  2. Or perform a single cash withdrawal at any financial institution ATM to activate the PIN. Please note that fees may apply.

How do I use my Chip Card? Expand/Collapse

Making a purchase with your Chip card is simple, easy and secure:

  1. Place your card into the chip-reader terminal.
  2. Follow the onscreen prompts and click OK for the purchase amount.
  3. The terminal will request your PIN, which is used instead of a signature.
  4. Once your PIN is confirmed and the purchase is approved, your receipt will be printed.

Please note:You will be prompted when to remove your card. This may occur during the transaction or at the end of the transaction.

Chip technology has been proven effective in Canada and in more than 80 countries around the world. For situations where Chip technology isn’t available, your card will still have a magnetic stripe and our additional security measures.

How do I make a payment? Expand/Collapse

A statement will generate monthly, and a due date will be detailed in each statement. The Minimum Payment must be paid in order to stay in good standing, however the full ‘New Balance’ should be paid by the Payment Due Date to avoid paying interest.  The most efficient ways to make a payment include online banking through Conexus or your financial institution, in-branch, by calling Cardholder Service, or via MyCardInfo. A cheque can also be mailed to the address on the statement.

If my credit card has been declined and I am not able to use cash at some retail locations, how can I get my credit card reinstated? Expand/Collapse

Please contact Cardholder Services at 1-833-528-2273.

Can I use my reward points to pay down/reduce my credit card balance? Expand/Collapse

To help lower your outstanding balance, you can redeem Conexus rewards points as a Mastercard statement credit or directly into your chequing or savings account.

Please note: statement credits are not considered payments, so the minimum payment due on your monthly statement must still be made by your payment due date. A statement credit will take 3-5 business days to appear on your account or you can complete a redemption into a chequing or savings account  which will take 4-7 business days.

Please visit, and select ‘Browse Rewards’ to redeem.

What does my credit card travel out of country medical insurance cover? Expand/Collapse

Emergency Travel Medical and other travel insurances included on your credit card are supplied through Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company (DFS). For additional information and details please their website at or 1-866-838-7553.

How do I submit an insurance claim online? Expand/Collapse

Visit and click on “claim” to find the right claim form. Please note that there is an English language toggle button on the top right corner of the page as well. From there, follow the applicable steps to enter your claim details and send your information directly to the insurer.

Is it safe to touch my credit card after using it at a POS? Expand/Collapse

We encourage all cardholders to practice healthy and safe behaviours and encourage hand washing and other practices recommended by federal and provincial health agencies.

How can I safely pay for food delivery? Expand/Collapse

There are many options to pay for your delivery orders depending on the food service provider. Conexus Mastercard includes the ability to complete contactless payment and many providers accept contactless payment.  The option of paying online, through Apple Pay or curbside deliveries is also advised. Additional information about contactless payments and Apple Pay are available on MyCardInfo at

I’m seeing an increase in phishing emails relating to COVID-19, how do I know which ones are legitimate? Expand/Collapse

Do not respond to unsolicited emails, text messages, website or pop-up windows that request personal or confidential information such as your credit card number. Conexus will never send you emails asking for confidential information such as your password, PIN or credit card numbers.

Conexus Mastercard Website (MyCardInfo)

Activity & Benefits Expand/Collapse

We encourage you to use MyCardInfo, our online credit card management tool for everyday card management activities such as:

Viewing posted and pending transaction
  • Provides your current balance
  • Ability to view all transactions
    • Including those pending and not-yet posted
  • Shows exactly how much of your credit limit is still available

Track, manage, and redeem rewards points
  • Provides current point balance
  • With a minimum of 5,000 points, you can redeem for a statement credit to reduce your balance owing

Sign up for E-statements
  • E-statements are the fastest way to receive your statement
  • Includes historical statements so you can review past transactions or download into budgeting tools

Make a payment or set-up an automatic, monthly payment using AutoPay
  • AutoPay feature provides you with the convenience of paying minimum or full balance automatically each month
  • Easy and fast way to make a payment from your banking account

Manage your account
  • Dispute transactions
  • Request a credit limit increase
  • Activate your card
Click here to log into MyCardInfo and manage your card from the comfort and safety of your own home.

New to MyCardInfo? Signing up is easy! Expand/Collapse

  1. Visit
  2. You will be prompted to provide your credit card information and create a username and password
  3. Once created, your MyCardInfo page will ask you to set up your account settings
  4. Complete your account settings and you are all set!
  5. Link your Conexus Mastercard in online banking - Learn how here.

Already set up but forgot your login information? Follow these steps to reset your username or password: Expand/Collapse

  1. Visit
  2. Select ‘forgot username or password’ located under the login
  3. Enter your credit card information, date of birth, and security question to reset your password or username

To protect yourself from scams and fraudulent activities please be aware that Conexus will never send emails asking for your confidential information such as passwords, PINs or credit card numbers. For additional information, please visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre’s website.

At Conexus, we’re here to help. Please contact your financial advisor or our Member Contact Centre at 1-800-667-7477 to discuss personalized solutions and financial support available to you.

Conexus Rewards FAQs

General Information

What is the Conexus Rewards program? Expand/Collapse

Points earned on eligible purchases charged to a Conexus Mastercard credit card can be redeemed for a wide variety of options including

  • Cash Rewards
  • Gift cards
  • Travel
  • Adventures or events, and more!

How does a member earn Conexus Rewards points? Expand/Collapse

Points are earned when making an eligible purchase or by adding recurring monthly bill payments to a Conexus Mastercard credit card.

How many Conexus Rewards points can I earn? Expand/Collapse

As the number of points earned varies by card, please refer to the chart below:

Conexus Rewards Mastercard Product Point Accumulation
US Dollar 1 point for every $1 in eligible purchases

Centra Gold
Cash Back 1 point for every $1 spent/ 2 points per $1 spent at gas stations
Travel Gold 1 point for every $1 spent/ 2 points per $1 spent in foreign currency
Business No Fee Cash 1 point for every $2 in eligible purchases
2 points for every $1 in eligible purchases
Business Platinum

What is the maximum number of points that a cardholder can earn in a year? Expand/Collapse

Currently, there is no limit on the amount of points that can be accumulated.

What can a cardholder redeem their Conexus Rewards points for? Expand/Collapse

1.    Cash Rewards

Turn your points into cash that can be used for a statement credit, or deposited directly into your chequing or savings account.

2.    Merchandise

Browse our extensive online catalogue of products on Choose from electronics, jewelry, tools, fitness and more.  

3.    Travel

Whether you’re looking for a family vacation or a weekend getaway, we’ve got you covered. From flights to hotels to cruises, find exactly what you want, then relax and enjoy! Whether you’re booking a one-way ticket or a boutique hotel, make your reservation online at, or call 1-866-239-7430.

4.    Adventures

If you’re looking for adventure, look no further. Whether you’re looking to take a helicopter ride, spend a few hours (or days) at the spa, or take a whitewater rafting experience, we’re here for you. Login to to redeem for the adventure of a lifetime!

5.    Events

Get your ticket fix, whether it be for a live concert experience, your favourite sporting event or to class it up at the opera. Visit for an assortment of special events to redeem for.

How do I redeem my Conexus Rewards points? Expand/Collapse

Call 1-866-239-7430 or visit

Cashback to a Chequing or Savings Account

What are the benefits/opportunities of redeeming points for cash to a chequing or savings account? Expand/Collapse

Redeeming your points for cash to your chequing or savings account enables you to:
  • Top up your emergency savings
  • Contribute to a RRSP, TFSA or RESP
  • Pay down debt

How do I redeem points for Cash in my account? Expand/Collapse

There are two ways to redeem points. One is online via your MyCardInfo account and the other is by calling the Conexus Rewards Headquarters at 1-866-239-7430.

Online Points Redemption Instructions:
  1. Set up my MyCardInfo Account.
  2. Log into into MyCardInfo.
  3. Click on Browse Rewards. You will then be routed directly to Conexus Rewards!
  4. Click on Cash Rewards.
  5. You are required to provide your Conexus Route, Transit and Account number as part of the Cash Redemption process, please have those ready!

Can I redeem points to a chequing or savings account at another Financial Institution? Expand/Collapse

No. You can only redeem your points to a Conexus chequing or savings account.

Where can I find my Conexus Route, Transit and Full Account number? Expand/Collapse

You can find your route, transit and 12-digit (full) account number on a cheque or on Online banking/App.  

Cheque image

Online Banking:

  • Log into your account
  • Click on your account on the My Accounts page.
  • On the Account Activity page your full account number and branch information are displayed on the right hand side of the page, under Account Details.

Mobile App:

  • Log into your account
  • Select the account on the account you wish to have your funds transferred to, Chequing 1, for example.
  • On the ‘Chequing 1’ page your full account number and branch information are displayed on the upper right hand side of the page, under the heading Account Details.
** If you are unable locate your account number please do not hesitate to contact your branch or our Member Contact Centre 1-800-667-7477.

How long will it take to see the cash redemption in my account? Expand/Collapse

If your account information is correct, your cash redemption will take 4-7 business days. However, If you have entered incorrect account information, your cash redemption will be delayed.

What happens if I make a mistake in entering my account information? Expand/Collapse

We will attempt to find your account number and post the cash redemption to your account. If we can not find your account information, we will mail you a cheque to the address on your credit card.  

This is a manual process and it’s likely that the issuance of a cheque in this situation will take 2 to 3 weeks.

I didn’t receive a confirmation email for my Cash Redemption, what do I do? Expand/Collapse

If no email is received, please check your junk/spam folder.

I have a USD Mastercard, can I redeem points to a chequing or savings account? Expand/Collapse

No, USD cards  cannot redeem points to a chequing or savings account.

What happens if my Conexus Mastercard is delinquent? Can I still redeem points? Expand/Collapse

f your Conexus Mastercard is 3 or more cycles delinquent your points are permanently forefit. You will not be able to redeem these points.

Can a secondary cardholder or an authorized user redeem points? Expand/Collapse

A secondary cardholder can redeem points for cash to a chequing or savings account via MyCardInfo, but an authorized user does not have the ability to do this.

What is the minimum amount that I can redeem? Expand/Collapse

$50 or 5,000 points is the minimum amount that you can redeem for cash to your demand account.

What is the conversion rate - points to cash? Expand/Collapse

1 point = $.01
100 points = $1.00
1000 points = $10.00

Is there a limit to what and how often I can redeem? Expand/Collapse

No, there is no maximum limit, but you cannot redeem more points than you have

Who can redeem points on a Conexus Business Mastercard? Expand/Collapse

Consolidated pay - The individual within the corporation given the authority to access MyCardInfo (Authorized Business Representative) can redeem points.

Individual pay - Each cardholder can create their own MyCardInfo account and redeem points.

Will I be taxed for my cash redemption? Expand/Collapse

We do not collect taxes on cash redemptions, however Canada Revenue Agency has guidelines around the value of points redeemed from business related purchases.