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Thrive Wealth Management is Conexus’ trusted wealth management company. They’re a local, Saskatchewan company with local credit union values. They’re experts in wealth management and offer best-in-class wealth management products and services. 

Transitioning from Conexus to Thrive Wealth Management can be beneficial for members with a larger wealth portfolio or complex financial needs. Thrive Wealth Management provides access to specialized attention and advanced investment plans tailored to our members. Additionally, Thrive Wealth Management has broader opportunities in selecting and managing investment products through Credential Asset Management Inc. and Credential Securities, along with offering personalized financial planning and estate planning services, ensuring a comprehensive approach to wealth management.  

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Thrive Wealth Management offers access to

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Your financial toolboxes, including RRSPs and TFSAs, where you can invest funds to work towards achieving your financial objectives

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Use your financial tools to make your money work for you and increase it!

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From budgeting to debt management, let's chat

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Financial planning is like creating a roadmap for your money. Thrive can help you set clear goals and make thoughtful investment decisions so you can achieve the things you want in life; Whether it’s buying a home, sending your kids to university, or retiring comfortably.

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Investment planning is about deciding where to invest your money, with products such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and more, so it can grow over time. They’ll work with you to build a solid plan, so you’re better positioned to reach your financial goals.

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Wealth planning is like the blueprint for managing your finances wisely. They can help you make thoughtful decisions about how to save, invest, and safeguard your assets.

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Estate and legacy planning create a map for your family’s financial future. Thrive will work with you, your family, and your legal advisors to manage inheritances, charitable giving, and endowments, so you can leave a lasting impact on the things you care most about.

Ready to take the next step with your investment portfolio?

You can connect with us in two ways:

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Conexus advisor

Book an appointment with a Conexus advisor who will connect you with a wealth expert. As part of the introduction, they’ll share any investment information that you have with Conexus with Thrive.

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Thrive Wealth Management

Contact Thrive Wealth Management directly to set up an appointment.


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