With Mastercard linking, you can now add your Conexus credit card, giving you a comprehensive view of your financial journey. Managing your finances is easier than ever. 

In under a minute, you can link your Conexus Mastercard and embrace the world of convenience.


Have questions? We have answers!

No. The partner link only works with the Conexus Mastercard.

You will need to delink your old card and link your new card.

If you are using personal online banking, you will be able to link your Conexus Business Mastercard. However, the partner account feature is not available for business online banking.

No, your Conexus Mastercard will remain linked, and you will not be required to relink.

If you try linking your Mastercard in the same month the card expires, you may receive an error message indicating your card details are incorrect. This is because a new card has been issued to you. Once you receive your new Conexus Mastercard, you will be able to link your card. This is because the CVV of the old card and new card are not the same.

No, your Conexus Mastercard will remain linked and you will not be required to update.

Currently, this feature is available on the web and mobile web version of the Conexus Online Banking Platform. Our teams are working hard to bring this feature to the Conexus Mobile App for iOS and Android very soon! 

Currently, this feature will only be displayed on the web versions of the platform. As soon as our team has the app versions ready for release, your credit card information will transfer over and display on the Conexus Mobile App.

Yes, you can pay your credit card by adding it as a bill payee. Once added as a bill payee, you can pay it through Pay Bills.

To make account changes or updates, you’ll still need to access MyCardInfo.

The ability to link Credential and QTrade accounts is on our radar. We are working to have these capabilities as soon as possible; however, we do not have an ETA at this time.  

Need help with set-up?

Use these step-by-step instructions here.