About our Community Investment Program

We have one priority — the financial well-being of our members.

To qualify for support from the Community Investment Program, an initiative must align with our key focus areas as well as meet our Program eligibility guidelines.

What we support

Together with non-profit and charitable organizations, we promote financial well-being through these focus areas:

  • financial literacy education programs
  • capital projects
  • programs that address basic human needs in the areas of
    • education – work and life skill programs, adult education, literacy
    • food – food banks, community gardens
    • shelter – Habitat for Humanity, support shelters
    • health services – health & dental programs, hospital equipment

What we don't support

Requests for support from any of the following initiatives, programs, or events are not eligible:

•    Sport & Recreation initiatives or team funding
•    Operational, deficit or retroactive funding
•    School funding
•    Playground funding
•    Daycare funding
•    Playschool funding
•    Travel funding
•    Religious group, events or projects
•    Individual pursuits
•    Awards or Appreciation event
•    Conferences or trade shows
•    Research funding
•    Lobby and advocacy groups
•    Political parties or affiliated events

How applications are evaluated

Our leaders will only deliberate applications submitted online.  Paper and email requests will not be considered.  Applications must be received a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the initiative start date or any advertising deadlines.

Note: At all times, Conexus Credit Union Code of Conduct and standards for business conduct apply when evaluating requests for support.

How to apply

Step 1 – Review the Community Investment Program for eligibility.

Step 2 – Complete the online application and attach all applicable documentation (allow 20 minutes).

Step 3 - Once submitted, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the request.

Step 4 – Await the results of your application.

Response time

If your request is of a larger nature and based on the volume of requests received, it might take longer for us to respond. Here are approximate response times:

  • Up to $5,000 - 6 weeks 
  • Up to $25,000 - 2 months 
  • Up to $50,000 - 3 months
  • Up to $100,000 - 4 months
  • Over $100,000 - 6 months

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Having issues?

If you experience problems filling in the online application, please contact us by email:
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Please review our program guidelines before submitting your application.