Supporting the financial well-being of our members and our communities is at the heart of what we do.

Being a part of the community is fundamental to who we are – it's part of our fabric and our co-operative principles. All of this guides our community investment and sponsorship program. Through our programs, we partner with non-profit and charitable organization to enhance the quality of life for everyone in our communities and make our province a better place. Every year, up to 5% of our pre-taxed profits are invested back into communities and in the past five years, we've re-invested over $9.5 million back into Saskatchewan communities.

We provide funding through two programs.  Find out which option fits best for us to support your initiative.

Event & Organization Sponsorship Program

We support event and organizational sponsorships that bring people together and are important to making our community a better, more inclusive place.

Community Investment Program

Our giving is focused on enhancing the quality of life and economic well-being of those in the Saskatchewan communities we serve by supporting impactful basic human needs programs and capital projects.