Flex Feature Mortgage

What is it?

This mortgage option gives you the ability to choose between fixed and variable rates, open or closed plans, and to set the repayment schedule that best suits your lifestyle. It also has extra features like the ability to pay off your mortgage faster or skip-a-payment if needed. In short, our Flex Feature Mortgage puts you in control and gives you the power to customize your ideal mortgage solution.

Who is this for?

Are you the type of person who values flexibility and choice? If so, our Flex Feature Mortgage may be the perfect fit for you. Our Flex Feature Mortgage is best for those who value flexibility over all else. While you may not always be guaranteed the lowest possible rate with a Flex Feature Mortgage, you will be guaranteed the freedom and flexibility to choose how this mortgage works for you.

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Why choose a Flex Feature Mortgage?

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Extra features

Wanting to pay your mortgage off faster? Needing to skip-a-payment? The Flex Feature Mortgage has several extra features you can use throughout your term.

Flexible terms

A Flex Feature Mortgage allows you to choose between open and closed terms, depending on your financial situation, repayment plans, and tolerance for rate fluctuation.

Flexible repayment schedules

Choose the repayment schedule that best fits your needs. From monthly, to bi-weekly, to accelerated bi-weekly, choose the payment frequency and term length that works best for you.

Fixed mortgage



05 Year Closed


04 Year Closed


03 Year Closed


02 Year Closed


01 Year Closed


Variable mortgage



05 Year Variable


04 Year Variable


03 Year Variable


02 Year Variable


01 Year Variable


What you need to know

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About prepayment. If you choose a closed term, you may prepay up to 20% of your original mortgage amount annually. However, if prepayment was not set up at time of application or mortgage renewal, a prepayment penalty may apply.

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Increasing payments. Closed term loans allow you to increase your scheduled payment amount by up to 20% once per calendar year.

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Unmatched flexibility. Our Flex Feature Mortgage gives you more flexibility and customization than any other Conexus mortgage.

Is this right for you?

Right for you if you: 

  • Value flexibility. Since a Flex Feature Mortgage gives you options when it comes to rates, term lengths, and repayment schedules, it’s ideal for those who enjoy calling the shots.

  • Don’t like feeling locked in. Choosing an open term, variable rate means you won’t be locked into a set payment amount for the duration of your term.

  • Value stability. Choosing a closed term, fixed rate means your repayment amounts will be stable and predictable, an appealing option for those who don’t love surprises.

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May not be right for you if you:

  • Prefer savings over choice. Our Flex Feature Mortgage offers supreme flexibility, but this means it usually doesn’t offer the lowest rate. If you want our lowest rate mortgage, consider our Value Mortgage.

  • Want to make lump sum payments. Our Flex Feature Mortgage offers the opportunity to increase your payment amounts just once per year (to a maximum of 20%). This means you can’t make unscheduled lump sum payments when and if the opportunity arises.

To learn more about the options available with a Flex Feature Mortgage, book an appointment with your Financial advisor or a Mobile Mortgage Specialist

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