Whether you’re planning major life events, assisting investment opportunities, or managing debt, our range of calculators offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. From budgeting and mortgage affordability to savings goals and debt consolidation, the bigger picture is just a calculation away.

RESP calculator

Plan how to save for your child’s education.


See which investment account is a better choice for you.

RRIF payment

Calculate what your annual retirement income will be based on how much you saved.

Retirement calculator

Get an estimate of what your retirement could look like based on how much you have, and are, saving.

GIC laddering

Build a customized GIC plan that balances flexibility and growth potential.

Stocks, bonds and cash calculator

Understand the historical performance of key investments to help you gauge their respective strengths and potential contributions to your investment strategy.

Pay down debt

Explore potential outcomes when deciding between focusing on debt reduction or making investments.

Cost of waiting

Saying I’ll do it tomorrow can cost you money. See how much here.

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