Some things are best left said

Experience local stories of triumph, risk and human connection with the What Connects Us Podcast

Did you know that over 70% of Saskatchewan people say that worrying about money has affected their sleep, relationships or health? Money is the gatekeeper to so many of our dreams and the fuel for so many of our fears. We’re connected by this underlying thread of money, yet most people don’t directly address it. We’d like to change that.

The What Connects Us podcast is a podcast powered by Conexus Credit Union. We focus on having authentic and vulnerable conversations about money, and in doing so hope to empower listeners to have their own conversations about money and the impacts it has on their personal journeys.

On the podcast you will hear from real Saskatchewan people, who dive deep into their compelling stories of triumph, heartbreak, redemption, vulnerability, transformation, financial impacts and everything in between. You may or may not recognize these guests, but we guarantee you will leave each episode feeling connected to them and their stories.

Featured episodes

Kim Coates

My road to Hollywood was pure anarchy

We talk about what sparked his passion for acting, how he took an unconventional path to the big screen, the difficulties of establishing financial wellness as an actor, how he continues to give back to the prairies through initiatives like the Pegasus Project, and of course, the wild motorcycle ride that was Sons of Anarchy.

Kayla Kozan

My nervous breakdown did not break me

Kayla takes us through the signs of her nervous breakdown, how things culminated in a scary medical emergency, how she battled depression during her year off work, how she was able to recover and recalibrate, how it inspired her to make mindfulness meditation and corporate wellness more accessible for others, and how it brought her back to Saskatchewan to become a founder of her own startup.

Kendra Weenie

How I survived & escaped domestic violence

Kendra Weenie takes us through her heartbreaking story where her and her newborn daughter had to flee a situation where her partner was emotionally, financially and physically abusive. Kendra gives us a glimpse into her unimaginable experience and provides key learnings into how she was able to escape, what resources she utilized and how to best support someone navigating this.

Kaleb Dahlgren

Surviving & writing a new chapter after tragedy

We discuss the perspective he's gained as a Type 1 diabetic, the figurative and literal battle scars he's learned via his resilience journey through the bus crash, what it was like to be thrust into the world's attention and deep level of care, and what the emotional process of writing his best-selling book "Crossroads" was like. We also chat about why building community wherever he goes is so important to Kaleb and how he is giving back to STARS Air Ambulance and the Pegasus Project after their services helped save his life.

Kira Novak

Taking my life back from addiction

Kira Novak secretly battled an alcohol addiction for years but has very recently taken the steps to take back her life. Kira is over a year sober after spending 60 days at a private addiction treatment center in British Columbia and she is holding nothing back to tell her story about her dark rumble with alcoholism, how it impacted her physically, mentally, emotionally and financially, and how much of a grip it had on her and her relationships.

Krista Broda

What identity theft stole from me

It's our first episode! Krista Broda joins the podcast to tell us her scarily relatable story about what happened when typical paranoia about leaving her flat iron on turned into a half-year long chase to catch fraudsters who stole her identity.