Digital banking makes your life easier

With the Conexus Digital Banking Platform, you’ll get all the features you need to do basic banking. You’ll get access to account histories, cheque images, bill payments, transfers, and CRA tax payments. Download account balances and transactions automatically to accounting software, view and download monthly statements and update contact information.

Banking on the go

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Business banking is optimized for use on a smartphone or tablet. It also works well for members using the Conexus Mobile App.

Automate dual signature approvals 

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Transactions created in business banking can also be set up to require approval from two people

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Set up an automated notification process between both signers

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See what's pending as soon as you log in

Authorize other users 

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Authorize a delegate to help you keep your finances in order - this can be an accountant, bookkeeper, or a trusted expert

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Authorize your staff to view statements online at their convenience, without the hassle of paper statements

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Authorize delegates to initiate transfers and bill payments

They start the process; you finish it by approving or declining each one

Getting started is easy

Once you have set up a business account, there are some steps to follow:

  • Use your internet card to log in from the Conexus homepage

  • Set up personalized security questions and agree to an account agreement

Logging in as a delegate:  

  • If you have been set up as a delegate for a business account, access Business Online by entering your delegate number (not your Member Card number) in the login area on the homepage

  • Enter the temporary password that was provided to you and you’ll be asked to change it to a password of your choice

Advanced Business Online Banking (ABO)

ABO offers comprehensive online banking services for your business. Do your banking from the comfort of your own office, with convenient access and customizable tools for more complex needs. 

Benefits to your business

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Assign employees access to certain functions

ABO allows you to set your own user access and permissions. You can also assign employees user rights and transaction limits on a need to know basis.

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Consolidate multiple memberships

Manage all of your business accounts with one single login

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Audit trail

You can monitor the transactions, logins, and user updates performed by your employees or other users

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Customized templates 

Next time you need to send that same transfer, simply open the saved template, confirm details and submit

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Quick transfers 

Allow you to complete up to 20 transfers between your accounts at once

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Ability to complete individual wires or save a template for reoccurring wires

Get the best business solutions

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