We partner with community and non-profit organizations that are making a meaningful difference in the well-being of communities across Saskatchewan.  We know it is only when someone's basic human needs are met, that they can become financially well.  Our giving is focused on enhancing the quality of life and economic well-being by supporting impactful programs and capital projects.  Our partnerships are inspired by our purpose and our values, which are not just words on a letterhead or a billboard, but values that shine in the work we do and service we provide.


To successfully receive funding, your application should support one of our three focuses areas:

Community Investment Infograph


We would love to support all requests but we have limitations. If you are asking for funding for the following, your request will not be considered.

  • Sport & Recreational events, competitions or tournaments
  • Team funding with the exception of elite level teams
  • School funding for teams, programs or fundraisers
  • Playground funding
  • Daycare funding
  • Playschool funding
  • Travel funding
  • Religious group, events or projects
  • Individuals or individual pursuits benefiting one or few people
  • Award or appreciation events
  • Conferences, symposiums or trade shows
  • Operational, deficit or retroactive funding
  • Creation and/or publication of books, videos, brochures or websites
  • Research funding
  • Lobby and advocacy groups
  • Political parties or affiliated events

If your request is not a fit for funding through the Community Investment Program it may qualify for funding under our Event & Organizational Sponsorship Program.  Learn more here!

Application Deadlines and Process

  • All funding requests must be submitted through our online application form. No email, phone or paper submissions will be accepted.
  • Application will be accepted in three intake periods throughout 2022:
    • February 1  to March 31
    • May 1  to June 30
    • August 1 to Sept 30
  • Applications will be decisioned at the end of each intake period. You will be contacted directly with the result and next steps. Rest assured; we will respond to all applications either way.

Applications are now closed and will re-open in February 2023