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Season 5 of the "What Connects Us" podcast is streaming now!

Did you know that over 70% of Saskatchewan people say that worrying about money has affected their sleep, relationships or health? Money is the gatekeeper to so many of our dreams and the fuel for so many of our fears. We’re connected by this underlying thread of money, yet most people don’t directly address it. We’d like to change that.

The What Connects Us podcast is a podcast powered by Conexus Credit Union. We focus on having authentic and vulnerable conversations about money, and in doing so hope to empower listeners to have their own conversations about money and the impacts it has on their personal journeys.

On the podcast you will hear from real Saskatchewan people, who dive deep into their compelling stories of triumph, heartbreak, redemption, vulnerability, transformation, financial impacts and everything in between. You may or may not recognize these guests, but we guarantee you will leave each episode feeling connected to them and their stories.