Term Loans

  • Ideal for purchasing, installing or modernizing business equipment and other fixed assets.
  • Cost-effective loans that can support your business growth plans.

Perfect for...

…businesses who need to grow or update equipment.

Canadian Small Business Financing Loans

  • The Canadian Small Business Financing Program is a collaboration between the Government of Canada and financial institutions.
  • Helps new businesses get started.
  • Allows established firms to make improvements and expand.

Perfect for...

…small businesses that are just getting off the ground as well as established small businesses.

Canadian Agriculture Loans Act (CALA)

  • The CALA provides loans to farmers and agricultural co-operatives.
  • Through the CALA, the Government of Canada is supporting the renewal of the agricultural sector and enabling co-operatives to better seize the market opportunities.

Perfect for...

…agriculture businesses looking to expand or modernize.


  • Update and acquire equipment without using your working capital.
  • Tax benefits
  • Stay within your budget.

Perfect for...

…businesses looking for a cost-effective method of financing business equipment.