Recognizing Saskatchewan's future leaders

Congratulations to the 2021 Conexus Youth Leadership Award winners!

Now, more than ever, leadership matters. That’s why we continue to support young people that show everyday leadership, early in life.
For the 2021 Conexus Youth Leadership Award, ten high school graduates were selected, representing nine Conexus branch communities across Saskatchewan.

These young leaders are making their corner of the world a better place by working towards their community’s well-being. Each winner receives a $500 cash prize and $1,000 deposited into a Conexus one-year term deposit  for a total of $1,500.

Celebrating their future!

The Financial well-being of our members and communities drives everything we do, and providing students with a savings account allows them to not only think about their financial goals, but also how they can use that money to achieve those goals.

We applaud each of the winners for their spirit and wish them good luck for the future. Below you can learn more about each winner and what their individual goals are.

Ashley Packet Ashley Packet
Assiniboia Composite High School,  LaFleche

Ashley will be attending the University of British Columbia where she will be obtaining a Bachelor of Applied Science degree. She plans to enroll in the mechanical engineering program and after graduation she would like to work on projects related to zero-fuel aircraft technology as a way to address the impacts of climate change. She mentioned, funds from this award has reduced her financial stress and this will help her spend more time studying and preparing for her goals.
Breanna Metz Brenna Metz
Dr. Martin LeBoldus High School, Regina

Brenna will be on the Regina Cougar Women's Basketball team. She will continue to volunteer and is looking forward to spreading her love of sport to the community. She likes to work and advocate for people.  She has been accepted to Campion College at the University of Regina where she plans to complete a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Psychology. She says she can now travel worry-free for her basketball program since she has funds to cover her travel expenses.
Ella Forrest Ella Forrest
Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School, Regina

Ella is all set out to make sure the world sees things clearly, her goal is to get into Waterloo's School of Optometry and have her own practice one day. She loves music and participates in choir and jazz  bands. She will be using the funds from the award to maintain her musical career during eight long years of schooling. 
Emily Zbaraschuk Emily Zbaraschuk
Meath Park School, Meath Park

Emily will be attending the University of Saskatchewan to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. She hopes to become a published novelist and change the world with her kind words. In order to know the world and herself  better, she will be living away from home. The funds from the award have given her confidence to start out on this new path.
Kathryn Bartlam Kathryn Bartlam
Whitewood School, Whitewood

Kathryn will be attending the University of Calgary to obtain a five-year Concurrent Bachelor's Degree in Education combined with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in General Mathematics. She has set goals to get an embedded certificate in Canadian studies. She is also passionate about curling and dance, and is planning to use the funds from the award to pursue this passion while she fulfills her educational goals.
Leah Piluk Leah Piluk
Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School, Regina

Leah wants to pursue her love for volleyball by teaching others. She has enrolled in a double degree program in Education and Kinesiology at the University of Regina. Her goal is to become a volleyball coach. She is aware of the hard work ahead and knows she won’t have much time to work with a full schedule of classes. She will be using the funds from the award as her rainy day fund to help her stay on track.
Lorenne Rutko Lorenne Rutko
Mossbank School, Mossbank

Lorenna will be moving to Regina and starting University at the U of R to major in health and general science.  She aims at being a leader that everyone looks up to and will be practising her leadership skills all summer by working as head lifeguard at the Mossbank swimming pool. She knows the challenges that will follow once she moves away from home and is ready to do her best to stay on track. The term deposit and cash reward will be used to fund her education and university expenses.
Noah Stasuik Noah Stasuik
Luther College Highschool, Regina

Fueled by enthusiasm to make a difference, Noah is all set to attend the University of British Columbia for a degree in Computer Science. He will be using the funds from the award to accomplish his educational pursuits.
Ren Hubick Ren Hubick
Robert Southey School, Southey

Ren wants to continue working for the community and will be heading to the University of Saskatchewan to pursue a four-year nursing degree and has set goals to specialize in  psychiatric nursing. She mentioned, Conexus Youth Leadership Award has helped her learn about the importance of investing money and  being financially stable. She will be using funds from this award to pay for her education. 
Spencer Dmytruk Spencer Dmytruk
École St. Mary High School, Prince Albert

Spencer is aspiring to pursue a career in the medical field, he will begin undergraduate studies in Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan. The funds from the award will be used to cover his living expenses while he transitions to a new city.
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