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2023 Youth Leadership Awards

Our YLA applications for 2023 are opening soon! Details on the awards and how to apply will be available on March 1st, 2023.

2022 Youth Leadership Award Winners

Jenny Lewis

  • Region: North (Meath Park)
  • High School: William Mason School

After I graduate from grade 12, I plan to attend the University of Saskatchewan in the fall. I will be taking a mix of University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan classes to apply for the Bachelor of Social Work program with the University of Regina in 2023. This scholarship money will be put towards my tuition and housing needs. I am looking forward to building my community involvement and furthering my leadership skills in my new community.

Alyssa Macomber

  • Region: South (Southey)
  • High School: Raymore High School

Following my graduation, I plan to enter Sask Polytech in Moose Jaw, for Architectural Technologies. My goal would be to work in building design. This prize money will help me pay my tuition for my first year.

Rory Miller

  • Region: South (Lemberg)
  • High School: North Valley High School
After graduation I plan to play football for the Kamloops Broncos. Following the season, I plan to come back to Regina and attend the UofR for the spring semester and, eventually become a physio therapist. This money will help me pay for travel and help me pay for school in the spring. I am very thankful.

Penny Bellefontaine

  • Region: North (Wakaw)
  • High School: Wakaw School

With this money I plan to attend university and use it towards my school tuition. I am going to Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia for a Bachelor of Science. My goal following graduation is to volunteer more around my community and other communities. I am hoping one day to become an RCMP member and go to a small community to help improve and help keep the community safe.

Nikki Beaubien

  • Region: South (Assiniboia)
  • High School: Assiniboia Composite

My future career plan is to study in the Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences program at the University of Saskatchewan. Once I have completed my degree, I plan to pursue a career in pathology or laboratory research.

My most ambitious career goal is to change the world by ridding the world of many deadly illnesses and diseases. The sad fact of the matter is that illness and disease affect everyone in some way whether you have a disease or illness or are a loved one of someone with a disease or illness. In a perfect world no one would have to suffer the pain of illness, which is why I am determined to cure some of the worst terminal illnesses like cancer. I wish to contribute to curing these diseases and illnesses to make the world a better place, which is why I cannot wait to go to university.

Akoul Riak

  • Region: South (Moose Jaw)
  • High School: Central Collegiate

I was accepted into the Faculty of Arts at the University of British Columbia. I plan to obtain a bachelor in English Literature and then enroll in an 11-month course for UBC’s education program. I would like to become a teacher and work with the middle years group. I want to focus my teaching on creating academically well-rounded pupils and to shape a strong livelihood and core values in the future generation.

It is an undeniable fact that post-secondary education is expensive and can be some of the most challenging times in one’s life. I want my focus to be on obtaining my degree and becoming a teacher, so I do not want the burden of worrying about finances to push me back. This award has opened doors of opportunity in helping with my tuition or for purchasing textbooks. I do not want to let the price tag of my future outweigh my passion for learning and my drive to help others, and this award has become a piece in making that reality possible.

Ashlyn McCullough

  • Region: Central (Regina)
  • High School: Greenall High School
My goals following graduation are to work towards a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness and make a positive impact in the agriculture industry. I will be attending the University of Saskatchewan in the upcoming fall. I am beyond great full for this opportunity of receiving the Conexus Youth Leader scholarship. The prize money will be used to support me through my studies by helping pay for my education.

Morgan Otsig

  • Region: North (Humboldt)
  • High School: Wynyard Composite

As I finish grade 12 at the end of June, I will be working at Wynyard Swimming Pool as a lifeguard and swimming instructor. Also, I will be teaching swimming lessons at Marean Lake. Throughout the summer I will be playing basketball for Team Saskatchewan, playing in Edmonton, Brandon, Vancouver. We will be representing Saskatchewan at the Canada Summer Games at Niagara Falls. At the end of summer, I will be attending Lakeland College and will be taking University Transfer: Bachelor of Science program and later become a physical therapist. While attending Lakeland College, I will be playing for the Lakeland Rustlers Basketball team. The Conexus Build a Better World Scholarship will help me reach my goal of giving back to my community.

Receiving this scholarship would help ease the financial burden of attending college away from home and travel costs associated with playing post-secondary basketball. As a physical therapist I want to give back to the sport that has changed my life for the better - coaching and empowering youth to become resilient leaders with good interpersonal skills.

Josie Wirl

  • Region: South (Lemberg)
  • High School: North Valley High School

I will be attending the Faculty of Arts at the University of Regina in Fall 2022. This scholarship will be of great assistance in managing the costs of university, as well as navigating the financial responsibility of living on my own. 

Seth Lewis

  • Region: South (Moose Jaw)
  • High School: Cornerstone Christian School

I am enrolled for the upcoming school year at Briercrest College in the Arts and Science Program. I will be a student athlete playing volleyball with the Briercrest Clippers. My goal is to finish a four-year Arts and Science Program through both Briercrest and the University of Saskatchewan. This scholarship money will go towards supporting my long-term academic goal of pursuing a career in Health Sciences.


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